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  1. I recently separated from Active Duty AF to finish my degree, BS in Aviation Flight, with the intention to apply to AF Reserve/Air National Guard units and compete for a pilot slot. Up until this point I have only been exposed to transport/cargo/refueling aircraft and pilots. The lifestyle of these pilots is very appealing to me, 3-4 month deployments, they can rack up hours a lot easier then a fighter/attack/bomber pilot could, possibly gain more relevant experience for the airlines with the utilization of CRM and working with an aircrew and even possibly be flying a militarized version of an aircraft utilized by airlines, Example: C-40, DC-10. My question is: what is life like for reserve/guard fighter/attack/bomber pilots? What kind of jobs do they have outside of their part time military etc.? I am curious and interested in applying to fighter wings, but I do not know enough to sell myself. (I've searched the forums and didn't find anything specifically to fighter/attack/bomber.)