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  1. Is there a time period to wait after taking the AFOQT to take the TBAS? I have heard and read mixed information about it. I'm obviously trying to get an accurate PCSM score but with out my AFOQT scores posted should I wait to test? I took the AFOQT a week ago. Thanks
  2. I have been lurking and learning from this forum quite a bit in the past several months. I am currently enlisted as a TR and a C130 crew chief. I just turned 28 in January. I have been doing private flight lessons here and there but will ramp that up to try and get a full PFL hopefully by the time comes. Where does one go to find out AFOQT test dates? I have been studying and feel like I can take it. On another note I will be officially through with my degree program beginning first week of May. What steps do I need to take to find a pilot slot? I was going to go through my local AD recuiter for AD service but Guard/Reserve is through the individual unit and not a recuiter if I remember right?
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