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  1. I have not. Just my RNLTD for PCS. I called the squadron to see and they told me to expect a class around 30 days after arrival. That's for Vance.
  2. Definitely focus on the nearest alligator, but I haven't heard of any 35's outside of ENJJPT yet, but there have been a few 22's out of standard UPT but they're unicornish. Also, track select is just the track; you won't get your airframe assignment until the very end. For T1's you are guaranteed heavies only, for T38's you are able to get fighter/bomber, but you are eligible for literally every fixed wing in inventory if needed. If you really want them, bust your butt. It's probably safe to say all T38's will have it as their first choice on their dream sheet.
  3. All patches are issued items. You only need to worry about sewing your rank and sleeve velcro onto your bags. At IFT my class just had temporary black leather patches with sticker tape names on them. Your training base will get you two patches ordered. I called ahead to my base and gave them my info so they'll be waiting for me.
  4. The PSDM for the next board should drop around June with all of the dates and new reqs. That tracks another Sept-Oct deadline for apps. They did take a lot of ABMs this year, so the need seems to be there! Good luck
  5. Your gear will be issued to you prior to attending IFT. IFT is a civilian flight program with an attached AF squadron so they don't have any kind of gear issue there. Your TDY orders will include the equipment issue required, just like deployment orders.
  6. You will never buy flight gear; it's issued to you forever. I have a 31 Jul RNLTD for vance!
  7. I got mine from an insider IP out there. I searched my way onto their sharepoint too though through portal and found more stuff.
  8. It's definitely worth asking; my instructions also say UOD is ABUs and in bold says "NO FLIGHTSUITS." But I called and said I'm a prior rated bag-wearer and they said I'm good. A lot of it seems geared toward brand new folks.
  9. My reporting instructions say "you may be required to live in the Unaccompanied Officer Quarters." Also, finally got a date! July to Vance, no IFT.
  10. I have some stuff from IFT: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B59yPDOui02SQm50M01hRTRyY0k Fair warning, I went through two years ago. Respect the gouge.
  11. I can pull mine too, but FSS sent my cc an email saying they are "experiencing difficulties" during scheduled maintenance through tomorrow 😖. Hopefully Friday I'll get something!
  12. Apparently an outage is preventing my leads from accessing SURF of vMPF... fml. AFPC posted a new aggregate data PowerPoint on the portal with this year's numbers added in. They added some AFOQT scores this time.
  13. *rolls up in powder-blue prius 😂 My side still hasn't processed anything. I just wanna know!! I'd love a March date. Get up and go!
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