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  1. Thank you so much for such a quick response, I don't have any anxiety issues anymore and I'm back to my normal self, I really hope that this idiotic mistake remains in the past and won't affect me in achieving a life long goal. Do you think i should be worried though?; Meaning, Have people fessed up to smoking marijuana once and still gotten a slot?
  2. Hey everybody, I just had a few questions which have really been concerning me lately. I was looking through the forums and stumbled upon the topic of marijuana usage, and how it will affect my chances on getting a slot. Here in lie my worries, last year in November ( I had just turned 17, senior year HS) I smoked a pretty heavy dosage of marijuana for the first time and definitely the LAST; the dosage was so potent that i broke down and had a panic attack that it sent me into an anxious episode for about 2 months. During those two months I visited the hospital and told them I had a panic atta
  3. Read the book? No i haven't, but I recently saw the movie.
  4. Hey everybody! My names Roger and im a 17 year old with high hopes, and aspirations to become apart of the elite military aviation community, and eventually become the pilot of a fighter aircraft. Anyways so my question to you guys is: What is the right stuff? I constantly keep hearing this saying, and several other relevant maxims, which refer to the characteristics ,and personality traits one must have in order to succeed in the fighter pilot business. Also,if one does not carry certain characteristics, can he/she acquire them? Thank you!
  5. Hey guys so im 17 years old and I've always wanted to be a fighter pilot, ive been doing my research and i had a plan layed out but im no too sure about it; pretty much i want to devise a solid plan that will maximize my chances of getting a pilot slot. Heres my plan -first join the reserves to help with school and to set me apart from the other cadets in my future detachment,(will this be a problem with rotc involvement?)(and should i do this/will it hurt me more than help?) -once im done with basic and tech, im obviously going to university but heres my problem, and it ties in with my who
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