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  1. No TPS; no visibility on handoffs between slick & green-door functionals. Have discussed informally with a few buddies in squadron, but there's only a handful of us and none have investigated. Will have a face-to-face with Commander soon to discuss options. Wanted to do homework first, and expected the broad experience base of forum would be a better sounding board than all the guys I know who went from herks to MAJCOM staff. I suppose it's the standard path for good reason, though. I'm '06 - last I looked at mypers, it said I would meet 2020 IPZ (14 years). Thanks for advice, I'll take a closer look at my timeline to try and avoid wrong place/time.
  2. Didn't realize! Could have sworn I read a CSAF speech encouraging everyone to instruct at some point. I changed 'functionals' moving to AFMC - assumed everything was on the table. Prefer to clear up misconceptions here than to sound dumb in front of my Commander.
  3. Gents, Time to figure out my next assignment, seeking insights. First tour was as slick nav, 2nd has been in flight test. Will be moving right at my 10 year mark, 9 months or so after Major's board. Mobility mission I knew is pretty much gone. Could go to Pensacola, AFSOC, or ACC to keep flying, but I know staff is coming sooner or later. Considering option of instructing at ROTC. I think it'd be rewarding (in a different way), fun, stable, and conducive to family time & hobbies. Anyone know what happens to aviators after a tour instructing? If it means never returning to cockpit, that might be a deal breaker.
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