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  1. Means you need official transcript from university you attended. They will mail you the official raised seal transcript. Also, 104FW website says personal appearance required. Don't know if that's if you get an interview or making a prior appearance on a UTA weekend.
  2. Hello, I am looking for anyone who has some knowledge on this certain topic. I am very interested in flying within an Air National Guard unit. I am looking into enlisting within a unit because I know it will increase my chances for an interview and possibly being selected within the unit I join. I recently graduated college this year with a BS degree. I am also looking at applying for an officer position within the unit. I have been told that it is harder to be selected for a UPT slot from being an officer already due to the "commitment I would have within the unit already," and what the unit would have already invested in me if I was chosen for an officer position with the unit compared to just being enlisted. Anyone who could enlighten me on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks
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