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  1. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Some things to consider: - On your separation request, it should list ALL of your ADSCs. In my case, a TA ADSC was a couple months past my UPT ADSC, so make sure you choose the later of all the dates. - IIRC, it gives you a pop-up about ADSCs no matter what. I chose the day my ADSC expired and it still gave me a pop-up saying something to the effect of "If your requested DOS is prior to your ADSC, you must provide justification, blah, blah". It sounded bad, but it is just a blanket informational statement that the seem to attach to all separation requests. - I remember seeing an email a week or two ago that separation requests through vMPF would be down for maintenance. I just logged in to the system today, so it's not "down, down", but maybe this is an effect? - My ADSC-complete separation request came back approved only a few days after my CC concurred and forwarded it to AFPC/separations. I would aggressively start calling/emailing if you see no movement in the next week or two. PM me if you want more details.
  2. When you turn down continuation, your separation date is set 6 months after the public release, no? Have others successfully requested an earlier separation date?
  3. Selective Continuation to 20 years

    Anyone have experience getting into the Guard/Reserves as a twice passed over O-3 (or O-4)?