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  1. Yeah, you could always ask your CSS, but if they say it’s approved get that in writing in an MFR or something. If your CC is a bro, you might get a 3 day pass or something for an airline interview or house hunting.
  2. Nope. The permissive TDY for house/job hunting is only authorized for retirements or involuntary separations (it’ll be voluntary in your case cuz the AF will be kind enough to offer you continuation). I got screwed on my end of ADSC separation. I thought the same thing and took 19 ptdy days for house hunting and job interviews. Commander approved (Yep, bad on both of us for not knowing the ins and outs of the AFIs), but the CSS dude (ya know, the dude whose J-O-B it is to know this stuff) signed off on it all three times. At my final out, was told by finance “sorry, that shouldn’t have been approved. We have to go back and change it to regular leave.” I could either stay AD for 19 more days (not an option, HHGs were gone and I had airline Indoc to start) or charge it as excess leave. I did the latter and got screwed out of 19 days of pay in the back end of my terminal leave. Big Blue just had to give one last kick in the crotch on my way out. #byefelicia
  3. When you turn down continuation, your separation date is set 6 months after the public release, no? Have others successfully requested an earlier separation date?
  4. Hokie

    Selective Continuation to 20 years

    Anyone have experience getting into the Guard/Reserves as a twice passed over O-3 (or O-4)?