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  1. AMF_77

    Palace Chase info

    brabus, congrats man! I guess there is still some hope remaining. What was your Wg/CCs approval/disapproval recommendation?
  2. AMF_77

    VA Loans

    Marty (or anyone with SA), Is it possible/smart to use the remainder of VA loan eligibility (approx. 169K remaining eligibility from my first loan) to combine with a second VA loan and another traditional loan to purchase a home?
  3. AMF_77

    Palace Chase info

    The wording is weird, but the palace chase reg mentions selected reserve as being ANG or AFR.
  4. AMF_77

    Palace Chase info

    brabus, you've probably seen the voluntary education AFI 36-2649 (Oct 14) - this paragraph clarified things for me a bit. "A13.18.8.6. A member who separates or is released from Armed Forces prior to completion of an agreed upon additional service commitment will have their transfer of benefits revoked by the DVA. Benefits already used by a dependent will be recouped by the DVA. However: A13. If the Airman was a member of the active component, the Airman may join a Selected Reserve unit (i.e., Palace Chase or Palace Front) and regain the authority to transfer benefits if the Airman agrees to serve at least the remaining length of time which was not served under the original agreement. " Don't know if that helps at all - I wish more of this sh!t was in English.
  5. AMF_77

    Palace Chase info

    For the dudes who have PC'd their GI Bill Transfer of Education Benefits ADSC to the ARC - how did you regain authority the transfer benefits after having them revoked via PC? Other than the memo in Attachment 21 of the January 2016 PSD, was there other paperwork/coord for "losing" the TEB and associated ADSC? Second, and totally separate from PC/PF - anyone know the process of removing the TEB ADSC after self-revoking the benefit, since the ADSC doesn't automatically go away after self-revocation? The TEB is my only ADSC remaining, and I wonder if it's easier to just self-revoke the TEB (and remove the ADSC), palace front, then re-apply for TEB once in the ANG, totally bypassing the palace chase suspense/waiting four months to re-apply, etc. Thanks for any and all SA remotely related to this subject.