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  1. Current career field has to release you. The flying boards office told me that my current career field refused to let me go and my assignment officer told me that it was because I was one month into a 36 month tour. Your losing assignment team can refuse to let you go for whatever reason they want. I FOIAed the full stats for last year’s board and 60 officers were selected for UFT but not released by their current career field.
  2. Pretty quiet in here... I’m trying for RPAs only again this year. My current career field refused to release me last year because of my DEROS but hopefully it will work out better this year. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Have you showed them the PSDM that says you need a certified IFC to submit a package? I got pushback from my flight med clinic but showed the verbiage in the PSDM and that was enough to get it scheduled.
  4. My assignment team had me redlined. But they let a butterbar who’s been in the career field a hot minute go to ABM.
  5. RPA only nonselect PCSM 95 Pilot 96 GPA 3.6, MBA PPL, 110 civ hours Letter of Rec from Sr rater, 1/1 wg strat Age 35 Several years ago I had a UPT slot thru the reserves and lost it because I was med DQed for all flying classes. I recently heard that the eye condition I got DQed for was removed from the med standards for RPA and figured I’d give it a shot. Has anyone been able to obtain non select counseling from the UFT board? The only thing I can think of is I’m 2 months into a 3 year overseas tour and my current career field wouldn’t curtail that much DEROS. If that’s the case, I’ll just change the signature blocks to the wing cc for this base and apply again this fall.
  6. That’s a conundrum-if you got a slot other than UPT you’re pretty much locked into it. However, the guy that scored below you on the board and got tagged as an alternate can walk right into a UPT slot if someone fails MFS, etc. and can’t go.
  7. No news here yet either, but I have PCSed since the package was turned in and my losing SR signed it. If the notification goes to my old SR I might be waiting for awhile.
  8. Still waiting here too-anyone else in PACAF find out yet? Being 15 hours ahead of AFPC time has a downside.
  9. The NDAA authorized 300 more UPT slots for FY19 vs. FY18, so I have a hard time believing that the number of slots on this board is the same as last FY. Somehow I doubt USAFA and ROTC gobbled up all 300 of those additional slots.
  10. I’m thinking we won’t know anything until the week of the 14th. AFPC probably won’t get going again until the week after New Years.
  11. Is this for ETPs above and beyond what was covered by the blanket age and tafcs ETP, or were dudes covered by that blanket ETP redlined?
  12. Does anyone have a timeline for an RPA select off the AD board? RPA selects are the oddballs as they stay at their current base and go to MFS, IFT, and URT as out and back TDYs.
  13. Typically the wing execs will see those releases before the Sq CCs see them. The early release goes to the wing CC’s .org box, and the wing exec will coordinate the notification of the other CCs. It wouldn’t hurt to have your CC give your wing exec a call and explain that he’ll be gone and give an alternative path to notify you while he’s out.
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