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  1. SAN ANTONIO, TX -- I had to post this here, because I know San Antonio is a such a huge military city and it seems we all find our way there at some point. I was there TDY recently, and needed a place to stay that would accomodate my wife, one year-old, and dog. Alamo Corporate Housing came through for us BIG TIME! My review is below... If you're looking for convenient, top quality, extended stay accommodations in the San Antonio area, look no further than Alamo Corporate Housing. I came to San Antonio for military training with my family and found an apartment with ACH. The apartment was in perfect shape, wonderfully furnished, all utilities including cable and internet included, and the price beat all the competitors in town (I checked!)... I don't know how they could do it! Any issues we had, were solved the next day! When the military extended my assignment from 2 months, to 3 months, then 4 months, then another week, and another week... (you get the picture) -- Scott was so incredibly flexible and helpful! Can't emphasize enough how grateful we are to Alamo Corporate Housing for making our difficult living situation a thousand times easier with their extraordinary care for our well-being. ACH receives my highest possible recommendation, and we'll be back!!!
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