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  1. Gents, Don't get me wrong the aircrafts are superb, but what I meant by issues are contracts related. i.e updating the database, etc... We all got our training at JMATS(long course) ,but the experience that we have between us isn't enough to overcome even the tiny obstacle in the most sound and safe manner most of the times. I personally don't want to see the iraqi air force neglecting any matter concerning the aircraft. We've just started building and we better get it right from the beginning. I appreciate your inputs. All calculations seem to be fine but data base is missing a lot of info that needs to be filled ever single trip. and that's what I'm trying to figure out in here who should we talk to. I don't write contracts but it will help if I can give an advice to the people who do. Trust me they've started to wear out. haha Cheers folks
  2. Guys, I'm a C-130J pilot (Iraqi air force), we recently bought and started flying these birds. As we are progressing we started to be aware of more issues in the aircraft. One of which is the digimap. I'm wondering if it's possible to create a map format using TASM and what format would that be? or do we have to have a contract with a third party i.e honeywell? the second is updating CNI-MU navdata, how? where from? I appreciate any inputs, Thanks,
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