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  1. Thanks for the reply. They’ve strung orders together for me. It’s just not ideal for a bunch of reasons. I’m trying to fill an ART position that was vacated due to the incumbent taking an AGR.
  2. Due to numerous issues, it’s been over a year since my unit submitted the initial RPA to hire me as an ART. The most recent RPA submission was exactly a month ago and the announcement hasn’t shown on USAJOBS yet. Anybody have similar experiences? The wife and I are kind of freaking out, looking at returning to AD (life situation doesn’t support the airlines).
  3. Most AMXS/CC’s are at least Lt Col selects and many are in-res IDE grads. AMXS command is the pinnacle of the mx officer world outside of being an O-6. I was an oddball (not special) as a pilot and young major. Most flying sq/cc’s these days are in-res grads. That may change as dudes are choosing different paths. It’s always been a joke that the path to command is through attrition, it’s becoming less and less of a joke.
  4. AMXS x2, as a Major. Not quite there yet. Just got back in an airplane and meeting O-5 IPZ board.
  5. Not in-res IDE grad, but I completed two squadron commands without going in-res. If one can command without going in-res, it can’t be that important.
  6. A pilot in my unit did this. The biggest issue for her was fedrec. AFRC didn’t want to recognize the promo because the guard was so slow showing fedrec. Once the fedrec came through, her DOR was set at the date should have put it on with the guard, IIRC. I’ll ask her your exact question.
  7. We’re a combat unit at the same installation as our MWS FTU. We get tons of prior FTU IPs wanting to be TRs. We just had half of our ART positions converted to AGR and only one legitimate candidate applied. Edited to add that we are close to maxed out on TRs.
  8. I chose to switch because I still like flying Air Force airplanes, but want to live where I want to live. My unit is in a low cost of living location, so money’s not an issue. I don’t have airline aspirations.
  9. Scooter, nice topic. I'm soon to be an ART and still trying to figure out pay. What is the supplement at the far right of the tables? Is that a percentage that is added in to the pay in the table or is that already added to get the values that are in the table? For example, GS-13 step four in the rest of the US (table 767) = $120627 with 45% supplement. Is 45% already added in to make 120627 or is the actual pay 120627 + (120627*45%) = $174909?
  10. I joined my unit at 19 years and 9 months. For me, I was non-current, so they were worried that I would retire as soon as I got current. I just had to convince them that I wouldn't do that. Otherwise, there is no issue continuing to serve past twenty other than commissioned HYT at 24 (Major) and 28 (Lt Col).
  11. @jaygebee I don’t have a good answer for that. I didn’t have to compete for a UPT slot because I had been previously rated. I would think that if the unit is hiring you with the intent to send you to UPT you would not have to meet the AFRC board. Am I missing something?
  12. Are you an AF pilot already? What board are you talking about?
  13. @Nohbdy I applied 135 days before my requested separation date (Nov 17) and got approved 30 Jan for a 30 March separation. My question is, how long will it take AFRC to gain me? I have a 4 May training date I’d like to make.
  14. If you don’t have CMS access, become friends with someone that does so you can see where your app is. Various levels of command and AFPC, specifically your functional. I have to believe that mine was an anomaly. I don’t know why it took such little time. For the record, my app was pushed as if I’m non-rated (long story). That may have helped. My intent to hire letter was very basic.
  15. Yesterday they said wait 8-12 weeks. Today I got tentative approval to Palace Chase with my chosen separation date.
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