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  1. Anyone know our heard of someone who is enlisted and palace chased to get out of their enlistment and commission through afrotc?
  2. Le_kea

    AF IMT 56

    I've got 2 speeding, one failing to yield, and a disturbing the peace ticket from 07 that the court can't locate. Should I just not include it in my af 56? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2
  3. I am applying for a ASCP and SOAR scholarship and I am stuck on a certain section of the AF IMT 56. I am at the section where it asks to list how many at what speeding tickets or traffic violations I have had in the past. I know ive hade tickets before, but its been almost 5 years now and I cant remember where and when they occurred. Can someone tell me how and where they got the information to fill out this section of the AF IMT 56? Thanks!
  4. Anyone get accepted for ASCP/SOAR and attend a cross-town community college while enrolled in a AFROTC before transferring over to a university to enter POC and earn their commission? One of the requirements to qualify for these two scholarships are: Be admitted to a school offering Air Force ROTC (including cross-town schools) and the academic major you desire to study. I plan on applying to a cross-town school such as a community college because its easier to get into and I wont have to take the SAT's because i have graded college work. I am just curious if anyone has gone this rout before using an enlisted commissioning scholarship. Thanks in advance!
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