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  1. What a dweeb! I've been retired since 1991 and outta touch. Maybe one of you AD pilgrims knows an air force office interested in a retired E-9 who uses his official picture on a commercial web site. OSI? Google turned up: E-9 Jeff Urbaniak at Gunter in 2010. Site phone no. area code is Alabama.
  2. Much forked-tongue in this random e-mail -- "great news," "only if you ask for it," "substantial difference." Coolest thing about "going on the Social" was having the local SS office blame the Great Fire of '71 (at Military Records in St. Louis) for losing my service records. Thirty-five years later that fire is still an excuse used by lazy shoes in the gub'ment! Bottom line -- you'll need a DD-214 to prove service before 1968, for which you'll get $1200 extra per year credit (not benefits), which figured to near three bucks per month in extra benefits for me. Yipee-ki-yay!
  3. BTW...earlier, you said something that made it sound like you and your AC flew strafing passes at low altitude. Is that your claim? If so, why did you violate the standing 7thAF restriction against operations below 4500'AGL? We had Es at Ubon and the only guy I knew who violated this got his nuts cut off.
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