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  1. My current timeline: Air Force Reserve Interviewed Jul 2015 Hired Aug 2015 FC1 Dec 2015 - approved Jan 2015 AFRC board approval Dec 2015 Sworn in Feb 2016 Inprocessing for 340 FTG Apr 2016 TFIT/TFOT July 2016 UPT: Columbus, Oct 4 class start date
  2. Upcoming Boards

    Thanks. Hiring officer contacted me. Going to Wright Pat soon so will get dates after that (assuming I get approved).
  3. Upcoming Boards

    Yes. My sponsoring unit gave me the good news that I was selected. Not sure when the official results will be released.
  4. Upcoming Boards

    Notifications are out. Congrats to those who received an invite. See you there!
  5. Upcoming Boards

    I called yesterday and she told me I would need a physician to sign it. I am on the civilian side.