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  1. My current timeline: Air Force Reserve Interviewed Jul 2015 Hired Aug 2015 FC1 Dec 2015 - approved Jan 2015 AFRC board approval Dec 2015 Sworn in Feb 2016 Inprocessing for 340 FTG Apr 2016 TFIT/TFOT July 2016 UPT: Columbus, Oct 4 class start date
  2. TriFlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    Thanks. Hiring officer contacted me. Going to Wright Pat soon so will get dates after that (assuming I get approved).
  3. TriFlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    Yes. My sponsoring unit gave me the good news that I was selected. Not sure when the official results will be released.
  4. TriFlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    Notifications are out. Congrats to those who received an invite. See you there!
  5. TriFlyer

    Upcoming Boards

    I called yesterday and she told me I would need a physician to sign it. I am on the civilian side.