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  1. CSO drop nights

    18-07 1 x AWACS 1 x EC-130 Nav 1 x MC130J CSO Cannon 3 x B-1B WSO 3 x RC-135 EWO 2 x F-15E WSO 1x C-130 Guard (Missouri)
  2. CSO drop nights

    They were a solid class!
  3. EA-18 Growler

    The two bros who dropped the Growler are really sharp! So I'm sure they will be very successful.
  4. CSO drop nights

    18-05 2 x AWACS Nav 3 x F15E WSO 3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x U-28 CSO 1 x B-1B WSO 4 x RC-135 EWO 1 x MC130J CSO Mildenhall 1 x MC130H EWO
  5. CSO drop nights

    The most popular airframes (No.1 choice) students want these days are mostly F-15s, RC-135s and EC-130s, with a few AFSOC sprinkled in there. These seem to be the most popular lately. Classes are usually quite evenly split with 50% wanting EWO/Nav type stuff and 50% wanting WSO/AFSOC.
  6. CSO drop nights

    18-03 3 x F15E WSO 2 x B-1 WSO 1 x AC-130U Nav 1 x EC-130H EWO 1 x HC-130J CSO 4 x B-52 WSO 3 x B-52 EWO 1 x C-130H NAV GUARD 1 x HC-130 J CSO GUARD 7 BUFFS....Wow!
  7. CSO drop nights

    18-023 x F-15E WSO1 x B-1 WSO2 x E-3 AWACS1 x HC-130J 3 x U-28 1 x MC-130H EWO 1 x EC-130 Nav3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x E-8 JSTARS1 x MC-12W CSO 3 x C-130H NAV 1 x HC-130 NAV
  8. CSO drop nights

    18-01 4 x F-15E WSO 2 x B-1 WSO 1 x AC-130J WSO (Yes WSO) Hurlburt 1 x AC-130J CSO Hurlburt 1 x HC-130J DM 2 x U-28 (1 Cannon, 1 Hurburt) 1 x KC-135 McConnell 1 x RC-135 EWO 1 x RC-135 Nav 1 x B-52 WSO 1 x MC-150H EWO Kadena 2 x MC-12W CSO OK Guard 1 x EC-130J Nav PA Guard First drop of 18 was a good one!
  9. I am at a crossroads with future. I will go into a little further detail about myself, but first I will give you my dilemma.... Manned Reserve Pilot or Active Duty RPA Pilot? Firstly I understand that both are great options and I am very thankful and appreciative for the position I am in. I have had little contact with AD RPA pilots and reserve pilots so I haven't had the opportunity to gauge where I fit in best. So about me. I am in the AFROTC program, currently a senior with an RPA slot. I have passed my flight physical and that is all taken care of. I am not a military brat, so I have had limited interaction with what active duty is like. I have been lurking on this forum for a few years now, so that is the most exposure I have. My cadre is offering me an opportunity to pick up a UPT slot with the reserve and still commission through the ROTC program. The only difference is that I will go reserve after UPT. I am not 100% sure on the next stage but I believe there is a high chance in picking up the unit I want. I would also like to eventually become a commercial pilot so the reserves would help with that. Now, I am happy with my RPA slot and would really love an opportunity to go active duty, but my dream and goal has always been to fly manned aircraft and that will mean the reserves for that to happen. As far as I am aware this is a new program due to the critical manning in the reserve pilot force so I do have limited information. My question is.... If you were in my shoes what would you decide on? Are there any reserve pilots here who could give me some information on what your flying schedule is like weekly, monthly, annually? (I understand that every unit is different) Are there any RPA pilots out there that could give me some information on how life is as an AD RPA pilot? Any information would help me at this point. Thank you!
  10. CSO drop nights

    Bump. Any updates on recent drops? Thanks
  11. Yes sir, I have flight hours. It is something I love to do. In AFROTC you compete for all 4 rated (Pilot, RPA, CSO, ABM) and manned was actually my first choice, but I got picked up for RPA. I am not complaining by any means. I do appreciate you being the devils advocate though. If I go reserve I plan on being in the corporate world until I've built enough hours to go to the airlines.
  12. The uncertainty of being in the reserves, finding a civilian career and never experiencing active duty life. Although, this post and the great people who have helped me out have made my decision a lot easier.
  13. Then cuttlefish and asparagus it is...... Haha!
  14. My cadre has offered this option to all of our 400s (all 5 of us) rated and non rated. I still have details and don't want to give you any misinformation so talk to your commander and see if they have knowledge of this.
  15. Thank you all for your comments and opinions. I've got definitely some thinking to do.
  16. ROTC to ARC

    I got word in March from my Colonel. I would recommend asking your cadre about it.
  17. ROTC to ARC

    I received a powerpoint from my Colonel discussing the program in further detail. But it has no unit specifics about what they need just contact information. Ask your cadre about the program. I am also going into my 400 year. According to the powerpoint (as of the end of February) they still need 75 for FY15 and need 100 for FY16.
  18. ROTC to ARC

    We were briefed by our Colonel about this program. He made it sound like if you wanted a manned pilot slot you would get fast tracked through the reserve process and you could chose your ARC unit, and with a recommendation you would be sent to UPT. I for obvious reasons am a little hesitant about this information but if it is accurate I am seriously considering it. I have received an RPA slot for AD but the opportunity to fly fighters or live in a desirable location appeals to me. Do you or anyone have any information about this program that you could share? Or any reserve units hear of this opportunity?