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  1. CSO drop nights

    I think this class had quite a few people roll back/ wash out for various reasons
  2. CSO drop nights

    18-09 1 x F-15E WSO 1 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x MC-130J CSO 1 x E-8 JSTARS Nav 1 x MC-12 Guard (Oklahoma)
  3. CSO drop nights

    18-08 2 x F-15E WSO 2 x AC-130W Nav Cannon 1 x U-28 CSO Cannon 1 x MC-30H EWO Kadena 1 x EC-130 EWO DM 3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x C-130 Guard (Ohio)
  4. CSO drop nights

    18-07 1 x AWACS 1 x EC-130 Nav 1 x MC130J CSO Cannon 3 x B-1B WSO 3 x RC-135 EWO 2 x F-15E WSO 1x C-130 Guard (Missouri)
  5. CSO drop nights

    They were a solid class!
  6. EA-18 Growler

    The two bros who dropped the Growler are really sharp! So I'm sure they will be very successful.
  7. CSO drop nights

    18-05 2 x AWACS Nav 3 x F15E WSO 3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x U-28 CSO 1 x B-1B WSO 4 x RC-135 EWO 1 x MC130J CSO Mildenhall 1 x MC130H EWO
  8. CSO drop nights

    The most popular airframes (No.1 choice) students want these days are mostly F-15s, RC-135s and EC-130s, with a few AFSOC sprinkled in there. These seem to be the most popular lately. Classes are usually quite evenly split with 50% wanting EWO/Nav type stuff and 50% wanting WSO/AFSOC.
  9. CSO drop nights

    18-03 3 x F15E WSO 2 x B-1 WSO 1 x AC-130U Nav 1 x EC-130H EWO 1 x HC-130J CSO 4 x B-52 WSO 3 x B-52 EWO 1 x C-130H NAV GUARD 1 x HC-130 J CSO GUARD 7 BUFFS....Wow!
  10. CSO drop nights

    18-023 x F-15E WSO1 x B-1 WSO2 x E-3 AWACS1 x HC-130J 3 x U-28 1 x MC-130H EWO 1 x EC-130 Nav3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x E-8 JSTARS1 x MC-12W CSO 3 x C-130H NAV 1 x HC-130 NAV
  11. CSO drop nights

    18-01 4 x F-15E WSO 2 x B-1 WSO 1 x AC-130J WSO (Yes WSO) Hurlburt 1 x AC-130J CSO Hurlburt 1 x HC-130J DM 2 x U-28 (1 Cannon, 1 Hurburt) 1 x KC-135 McConnell 1 x RC-135 EWO 1 x RC-135 Nav 1 x B-52 WSO 1 x MC-150H EWO Kadena 2 x MC-12W CSO OK Guard 1 x EC-130J Nav PA Guard First drop of 18 was a good one!
  12. CSO drop nights

    Bump. Any updates on recent drops? Thanks
  13. Yes sir, I have flight hours. It is something I love to do. In AFROTC you compete for all 4 rated (Pilot, RPA, CSO, ABM) and manned was actually my first choice, but I got picked up for RPA. I am not complaining by any means. I do appreciate you being the devils advocate though. If I go reserve I plan on being in the corporate world until I've built enough hours to go to the airlines.
  14. The uncertainty of being in the reserves, finding a civilian career and never experiencing active duty life. Although, this post and the great people who have helped me out have made my decision a lot easier.
  15. Then cuttlefish and asparagus it is...... Haha!