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  1. Just got back from a deployment. I deposited $10k and have been receiving the 10% APR. If I got back from deployment on Sept 4 when will I stop accruing interest? It says 90-days after return. So can I pull my money out on Dec 1 or Jan 1 in order to maximize the monthly interest? Diceman
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a list of full-time technician benefits? Specifically I am looking to see if TSP matching is offered. Diceman
  3. I just recently discovered via research on Google that I have a Pilonidal cyst. I'm a current/qualified AF pilot and was wondering if anyone here has had or known of someone who successfully dealt with this issue and returned to fly? It looks like it's a pretty simple procedure. I just don't want to talk to a flight doc before I can get some feedback.Anyone? Here's what I found in AFI 48-123 regarding the issue. Pilonidal cyst, if there is a history of inflammation or discharging sinus in the 2 years preceding examination. Surgery for pilonidal cyst or sinus is disqualifying until the wound is healed, there are no referable symptoms, and no further treatment or medication is required. Diceman
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