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  1. As of now, the December 2014 Majors board is only 2005 year group (reference: CY14 Officer Promotion Board Eligibility Spreadsheet). The 2006 and all subsequent year groups will probably be pushed a year as well; so the standard for the LAF-Majors board will now be YG+9 years versus the previous YG+8 years.
  2. For those in the 2005 year group, the milestones for the 2014 LAF Majors Board are now posted on myPers: https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil/app/categories/p/8,9/c/656 shows a board date of 1 December 2014
  3. here is the reference for that, from AETCI 36-2205v3, paragraph 1.1 http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/aetc/publication/aetci36-2205v3/aetci36-2205v3.pdf "... Pilot, RPA pilot, and CSO candidates with a private pilot certificate are exempt from IFS."
  4. eb287

    RPA Pilot & Depth Perception

    It is the same requirement as for pilot. I passed the dot/circle test but had to have additional tests anyways due to the difference in prescription between my two eyes. From my understanding if you fail the circle/dot test you will also have the additional tests, and you must pass them to be eligible for RPA.
  5. eb287

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    Yeah I'm sure i passed line D based on what the official paperwork says. PMd 81L BLR - thanks.
  6. eb287

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    that's what i was thinking too, thanks for confirming fortunately i've never had problems passing THAT test. but for some reason i was given a bunch of other depth perception tests and got DQd. does not make sense to me - why would they have me take the alternate tests if i pass the primary??
  7. eb287

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    for any RPA pilots out there - how important is depth perception to operating an RPA? [preface: yes, I've read 48-123 and the waiver guide already for initial FCIIU standards] i have passed "line D" multiple times as well as several of the additional tests, but they had me do some of the extra tests anyways and apparently failed one of them (was not wearing my glasses, which probably made a huge difference)
  8. I imagine most ETPs are submitted for FC1/1A (?), but are waivers and/or ETPs any more likely to get approved for initial FCIIU or FCIII, especially for a condition which can be shown to be stable and that would not affect safety of flight or mission accomplishment (and IS waiverable for trained aircrew)?
  9. eb287

    Where to find pilot board dates

    Actual board dates and information won't be released until about six months before the board meets, so for a board meeting in January 2014 expect to see information about it released sometime this summer. The info will be released as a Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum (PSDM) - link below (CAC required). You can look at some of the previous releases on there to get an idea of what the exact requirements are; they are all very similar. https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/24198
  10. I highly recommend aviation adventures at KHEF/manassas. Fantastic instructors... PM me if youd like additional info
  11. thanks - good info. at what point in the RPA training do the aircraft/base drops occur? end of RIQ? beginning or end of RFC?
  12. does anyone know what the general trend is for RPA drops in terms of aircraft and location? is it about an even distribution among Pred/Reaper/GH, or does it vary quite a bit from class to class?
  13. looks like I was just a little too impatient on my post a few days ago. new 36-2205v3 posted to e-pubs: http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/aetc/publication/aetci36-2205v3/aetci36-2205v3.pdf of note: 1.1 ... Pilot, RPA pilot, and CSO candidates with a private pilot certificate are exempt from IFS.
  14. Anyone have any insight into whether active duty UFT candidates with PPL or higher are still getting waived on the IFS prerequisite? I have not seen a new version of 2205v3 yet and wasn't sure if it was still in the approval/routing process or if someone along the line had changed their mind about it. Would UPT, CSO, and RPA all be waived with PPL, or just UPT and CSO?