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    10 year commitment.

    After searching I felt this was the appropriate thread... What happens after the 10 years? Is it expected to continue flying because pilots are commissioned officers? Is it bad to get out after 10 years because of that? As I understand it, commissioned officers are never really out but I'd like to learn what that really means and how it relates to the 10 year commitment. Thanks for any info
  2. Are their any set policies for off base privileges during AMS? To be more specific, I’m worried I will have AMS dates that will conflict with my friends wedding, forcing me to miss it as best man. I know the AF comes first and a ton of sacrifices will need to be made throughout my career. I was wondering if this would definitely be the first, or there are some off base privileges allowed and something might be able to be worked out. Thank you.
  3. Thanks much for both of your replies. BlEEDS ON, I don't think I would get to meet one on one with any of the politicians for them to actualy know me or testify to my character. All these politicians have public relations staff and so on who take care of requests for LORs on a case by case basis never actualy giving me the chance to meet lets say my congressman. Do you think it would be just as equal to have that congressman's office worker who might write the letter to testify to my character? Thanks again for your input or anyone else who might have a few words to share on this topic.
  4. I'm wondering two things. First a simple question - Is it okay to make photocopies of an orginal letter of recommendation? Does it make a difference to the board? Second question and the one that bothers me a little bit - Is it adviseable to seek more than 1 LOR from politicians? Before I felt lucky to get one from an assemblyman. Now I have one in the works from a congressman. And I just realized I have ties to a United States Senator, city councilman, a few senators, and maybe (not sure about this one) but just maybe even my state governor. I'm only planning on applying to ANG units if this makes a difference to any answers. The last thing I want to do is give off the impression that I have all the political connections and that I should get the pilot slot cause I know that is simply not the way to go about it. I have 2 LORs from college proffesors and 1 from a community center worker talking about my volunteer work in the community. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Giggity

    Air Traffic Controller info

    Let me rephrase... From what I've heard (not that it is something I plan on pursuing so I have not collected alot of info) is that a dispatcher entering a major international airline would on average start in the mid 30s to low 40's. However the 6 figure talk is the same as someone saying airline pilots make 200-300k a year. Yes pilots do but only with so many years of experience and with a major airline. But it certianly isn't the avergae (is it?) So the point I was trying to make is I for one believe a Nav job can give you some ties to a civilian career by becoming a dispatcher. This info soley comes from proffesors in an aviation program from my university but non who have dispatching experience so how accurate it is I can't be too sure of. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Giggity

    Air Traffic Controller info

    I was under the impression that Navs could pursue a civilian career as a dispatcher who can make 6 figures depending on the airline and experience.
  7. You have a third here. Just all too wierd for me.
  8. Giggity

    Questions on cyst/cysts

    If a cyst has been drained in the past, does that need to be checked? Are there any issues involved that may disqualify a candidate? I am not familiar with AFI's. Thanks for any help.