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    Assignment after Medical DQ

    From the attached document it appears that once DQ'd, an officer's career manager (the fighter porch in this case) works with other career field managers to find a new home for the officer. RUMINT suggests that the fighter porch will not release an 11F to a new career field and will instead use them to fill non-flying fighter billets, most likely staff. That's the theory. We'll see how it works out in practice. OFFICER AFSC DISQUALIFICATION - (11998).pdf
  2. Can anyone talk to the assignment process once an 11F is medically disqualified from all flying duties but remains qualified for military service? Would the fighter porch remain ownership and determine assignments? Is conversion to a new AFSC possible? Which office would control the process and decide the outcome? Thanks for the help.
  3. edfsr

    Tornado in OKC

    To all, As you have all seen on the news, the tornado in OK has devastated the region and many of our Airman are in need. Across Team Tinker 140 families had their homes destroyed with an additional 196 damaged to the point of being displaced. These numbers may continue to rise as information comes in. Tinker has activated an Emergency Family Evacuation Center to support military and civilian Airmen, as well as their families. In addition they are preparing to stage for FEMA support. Tinker First Sergeants are determining the aid requirements for Airmen who lost houses and are ready to support as required once each family is identified and informs leadership of their immediate needs. Tinker spouses are heavily engaged, too. AAFES is providing each affected Airman with a new set of ABUs/boots/etc. The Air Warrior Courage Foundation (AWCF) with the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association (River Rats) of the Heartland are attempting to assist as many people as possible. We are working with Tinker leadership to ensure individuals are identified and funds are provided to them ASAP. The AWCF has allocated $100K for disaster relief to those affected. The AWCF policy is to help all Active, Reserve, Guard and retired military members. To be able to provide additional support to those that have suffered damage by the tornado, the AWCF has started to accept donations. Donations are tax deductible. 100% of proceeds will go towards (Active, Guard, Reserve, and retirees) tornado victims. To donate, please see the below information: Donations can be made in two ways. 1. Send a check to the AWCF, P.O. Box 877, Silver Spring, MD 20918. In a note or on the check say "For Tornado Disaster Relief" 2. Using a credit card. Go to our home page at www.airwarriorcourage.org . a. On the Home page is a DONATE button. Click it and it will take you to a page with a GIVE DIRECT button. Click it and fill in the blanks. In the COMMENTS block put in "For Tornado Disaster Relief". Please share this with others that may be interested in providing support to our AF Family. Thank you for all of your help and support! Tinker leadership greatly appreciates the concern and support they've received and recognize this will be a long struggle and are prepared to see it through. David Brog, Colonel (Ret) USAF Executive Director, AWCF
  4. edfsr

    General Failure

    While the author focuses on the Army, the conditions he describes which have institutionalized mediocrity among senior leaders in that branch similarly exist in the AF. Such leadership ineptness is an unsurprising result of the officer production process (assignments, promotions, PME, culture) currently in place. Will change occur? What will be the impetus for it? http://www.theatlant...ingle_page=true
  5. edfsr

    Misawa F-16 down

    SIB report is published - see your local safety office; it's worth a read.
  6. edfsr

    Appealing a promotion board

    This addresses individual non-selection, not squadron wide buffoonery: Contact the promotion board section at AFPC and get a copy of your record 'As Met' - it's what the board saw. Schedule a 'Non-Select Counseling' appointment and invite your CC to it. Someone from AFPC will go over your record with you (via telephone) and look for errors and offer clues to your non-selection. If there are any errors or something is missing they will tell you how to fix it (may require an appeal to the Board for Corrections of Military Records) and you'll be able to have your record go before a Special Selection Board. If you get picked up from that board it will be the same as if you were promoted from the original board. If not, no harm done. If you don't have cause for the SSB route they will provide advice for strengthening your record for your APZ board. Look around the Promotion section of the MyPers website for phone numbers and more info. Best of luck.