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  1. Palace Chase info

    I ran into the same issue. I had to talk to about 4 different people at the Med Group to convince someone to give me a 422. I didn't actually do a SHPE though, I just met briefly with my PCM and then they finally gave me a 422. Looking back on it, it may be easier to work something with your guard/reserve gaining unit to see if you can provide them with something other than a 422. Obviously, either the Med Group or your proposed gaining unit/recruiter is going to have to budge. As for the board prioritization, this is the first I've heard of that.
  2. Palace Chase info

    I got tentative approval for my palace chase this morning! This was my second application, I originally applied back in January and was denied in March. Here's my info so you guys have some stats: AFSC: 13S (Space) ADSC: Nov 2018 Requested DOS: Jan 2018 Package to AFPC: 13 Jul 17 Package to SAF: 22 Aug 17 (5 Weeks @ AFPC) Package Approved: 16 Nov 17 (12 Weeks @ SAF) I did not have an intent to hire and my memo basically said I thought the civilian sector was a better fit for me and my family. I didn't really try to sell the total force or AF benefit angle. My memo was a copy / paste from the one that was denied back in March.
  3. Palace Chase info

    Congrats! Glad to hear the process is moving. AFPC told me they board applications by requested DOS, mine is 7 Jan. Since yours was Dec, hopefully my decision is on the way...wishful thinking
  4. Palace Chase info

    I was denied back in March and have another package at SAF/PC right now. I know recruiters and AFPC always say they have no insight to SAF/PC, but I'm not sold on that. Last time around my recruiter was able to tell me that my package went to the board and I should be finding out any day, then I found out the following week. The Friday before last I called AFPC and got someone from the palace chase office on the phone (not a TFSC rep), and I was able to get them to tell me that my package had met the SAF/PC board. I interpreted that as my decision has been made, then she told me it would be 1-2 weeks for notification. So hopefully there will be some news this week. You might try to call AFPC and specifically ask if they know whether or not your package has met the board. If not, you can ask if they happen to know when the next board is. They may give you a canned answer that they have no insight, but worth a try.
  5. Pilot Life

    I've expressed my thanks here multiple times and I certainly have gratitude for those that have posted advice and/or their likes/dislikes of the career. But I don't see any need for people to insinuate the I'm stupid for asking strangers about the career.
  6. Pilot Life

    Thank you, I had no idea that I had to make this decision. First of all, I am well aware that I am going to be getting people's opinions, which I posted in the very first post of this thread. Secondly, as for asking people I trust, I trust my father more than a stranger but guess what, my dad is not a damn pilot so I'm really not concerned with his idea of what the career is like. If I'm interested in a career field, maybe its a good idea to interview/ask people in that career field their opinion on the career, not people I trust that have no earthly idea about the topic.
  7. Pilot Life

    The IP briefly let me steer the aircraft, if that's what you call it. But I was pretty much just keeping the plane in a line towards a distant landmark. Do I think I love flying or have a passion for it? Probably not. Do I yearn to be challenged on a regular basis? Absolutely. I think that I'm attracted to being a pilot for the challenge and prestige rather than for flying itself. Luckily I don't have to make a decision until the Fall so I am just going to take lessons until I decide I love it or hate, or am willing to sign a 10 year contract for it. If they let engineers actually engineer in the AF I would do that but from the "engineers" I've talked to, you're just a manager. All the long nights studying information just fades away. I've talked to very few pilots that didn't like the job so I conclude its probably worth it.
  8. Pilot Life

    That's a great analogy. I'm not too sure that I posses the tolerance for a psycho though. So I went on a discovery flight yesterday. It was exactly what I feared, not terrible but not amazing either. It did not make me want to be a pilot any more or less. I am going to go on another one with a different company next week. After the first one I had a mild headache but I figure that's just because my body is not used to the movements. One thing I did like though, the view from the sky.
  9. Pilot Life

    That is hilarious.
  10. Pilot Life

    Well said. Speaking of you "only" being a tanker guy, I would probably end up in a heavy any ways. My seated height is one inch too short. From what I've read it is waiverable but will blacklist me from flying a fighter. I also may be in the minority that I prefer a larger aircraft anyway. If only I were a trust fund baby...
  11. Pilot Life

    Great advice and things to keep in mind. The fact that Developmental Engineers are limited to stateside bases, restricted from deployment, and only get to oversee the cool stuff rather than implement it are all factors that make me question if I want to take that route. However, on the plus side, their family life seems to be very stable and having a background/experience in engineering/project management would help me in my post AF career. I don't think my engineering degree will be of much use when I'm 40 or so with no experience because I was a pilot. I've only talked to developmental engineers on other forums so it has been limited. I've been to Al Udeid and Iraq in the past and I didn't mind either of them. It was a good experience but I don't know if I would feel that way after living in you all's high ops tempo for a few years. The more I research and the more I learn, I am beginning to lean towards taking my shot at a pilot slot. I feel like being an Air Force Pilot is one of those things that I would never let go if I were given the opportunity and didn't take it.
  12. Pilot Life

    I do agree that nothing is promised and they can certainly do as they please since they have all of the control. That thought was based on history. Like people who joined before September 8th, 1980 use "Final Pay" retirement plan and those who joined from Sep. 8th, 1980 to Aug. 1st, 1986 use "High 3" because those were the plans in effect when they joined. So I figured if I join under certain circumstances, they will hold. But I'm sure there are people who can attest otherwise. I just know I'm going to give the AF the better years of my life and I'd hope they would do rite by me in the end. Anyway, I don't want to go off on a tangent. Back to my life crisis lol, to be or not to be (or try to be) a pilot. Again, thanks to all for giving me your advice.
  13. Pilot Life

    As long as its still in effect when I commission in two years I should be fine. Grandfather clause...
  14. Pilot Life

    Hard for me to say no to that retirement. Payment for the REST OF MY LIFE haha. Ideally I could do 30 years and get that hefty retirement then spend the rest of my days doing a whole bunch of nothing. I hope that on one of these "discovery" flights I discover that I either hate flying or love flying so this decision will be easier to make.
  15. Pilot Life

    Great post. These are all things I consider. I try me best not to be blinded by the hype of being a pilot. I am actually going on a few "discovery" flights in the coming weeks to see if I actually enjoy being up in the air. I intend on retiring form the AF but then again things don't always go as planned. I figure if I do the 10 year commitment coupled with my prior enlisted time, there would be no point in leaving just 6 years shy of retirement. Pilot or not, I will get a masters. But if I go with developmental engineering I'll have a strong chance at going to AFIT. I have a bad habit of diving into things full force then getting bored. That's how this whole pilot idea got started, I'm somewhat getting bored with engineering. I need to be constantly challenged and I think aviation can supply that. Thanks again for all the input.