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  1. Do U pilots tend to stay at Hurlburt long term or does the command like to shuffle aircrew between Hurlburt and Cannon? Also what kind of follow on assignment is there from gunships? Nobody could tell us that during our assignment brief. AFSOC seems like a black hole (or hotel california),we didn't have anyone with firsthand experience there to brief us.
  2. Thread necro but due to some insanity with AFPC and med group I got reassigned to AC-130 to Hurlburt! Crazy, huh? Guess dreams do come true sometimes. Question about the pipeline, is the training at Little Rock abbreviated for the gunship (4 vs 6) and followed by some kind of weapons training? Is that held at your gaining base or is there a AC weapons school somewhere?
  3. Thank you everybody for the perspective and support. We just got our drop list and no AC-130s. Maybe second time around it'll come up for us.
  4. I'm in UPT right now about 3 weeks out from drop. One of my dream planes is the AC-130 out of Hurlbert but I'm having some friction with my wife about the deployment schedule and what AFSOC does to family life. During our MWS brief, we had a major (not AFSOC) come up and tell the wives that AFSOC kills families and that if we were to go to a AFSOC platform you'd better be single or you'll wind up being single. Obviously this freaked my wife out and she went from "meh" to "hell no". I'd like to hear some opinions from people that have been in AFSOC or have flown the AC. What's the deployments like? Does it kill marriages? Will I miss every single milestone of my soon to be conceived firstborn? Thanks a lot. If this is in the wrong forum, please delete or move to the appropriate one.
  5. Thanks for the link. The second paragraph was what i was missing searching for info "Second, these are the Standards. What they will waiver (which is probably what you want to know) is inappropriate for me to post. You need to ask them." Reading between the lines, I am thinking that I should keep charging and let the medical worries go as I will not know if I am disqualified until a flight surgeon tells me, "we can't/won't waive this standard". That and CSO seems like a cool job in and of itself. Is this attitude off base?
  6. I was wondering if someone could answer a simple question that I have had problems finding the answer to browsing the forum. I'm currently 26 and my perscription for nearsightedness is about -1.25/-1.5 and I correct to 20/15 with glasses. I don't have enough time to wait a year for PRK before applying, otherwise I will be too old to apply. Is this game over for me for pilot? I am OK with applying as CSO and then trying to get PRK and tracking into pilot (however unlikely those odds are) but is visual acuity of ~20/100 automatically disqualifying with no chance of waiver?
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