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  1. Nice explanation - appreciate it!
  2. So, this makes me wonder. Does everyone that gets promoted to LtCol get a command push (whatever the flavor)? Future commanders are the exception to the pack (at least in reality) so not everyone should get a command push. Yes, party line says the AF promotes based on potential but few will actually command. Any old heads that can weigh on this?
  3. Ok douchebag, I’m not trying to be cool. I entered this AF in the late 90s and by “operator” I meant pilot or operations vice pencil pusher. Punch yourself.
  4. False info about never playing the game from me. I did the whole masters thing for the majors board back then and did ACSC (now for nothing)
  5. Yup. my push mentions nothing of commanding. Wonder why we play these games though when there's the "command track" and other BS nonsense and operators on the other hand. Why wait until now when I was never on the command track to tell me I'm not on the command track? Again, I am good and not bitter at all. Dent to the ego but I knew where I stood as a captain, let alone at this board. I've always been an operator and have never played "the game" so this is no surprise for me.
  6. Thanks for that. I'm good, I knew how it would play out even though I reserved a small amount of hope that someone would value my flying creds/and even non flying leadership stuff over queep. But, it is what it is. I would be appalled if you're not promoted from what you've shared - completely sucks you have to stress about it until they announce results............I just can't see how you won't be promoted from that info tho
  7. I just got my IPZ LtCol PRF with the P checked and weak DP push line. I didn't even know what a weak push line looked like (hence my first visit to baseops in years) so thanks to those who shared that info. ThreeHoler and FourFans are spot on here, at least the way I see it. I just wonder when big blue will stop pretending with all of this - we need pilots but we're still passing dudes over because they were pilots. I am not bitter, seriously- I have had my chess game going for a long time. highly recommend that to future operators!
  8. Who cares? The whole point of the topic was to tell the O6s what we think.
  9. Your job is to empower your subordinates so they can figure out how to train and equip the troops as best as they can. Everything else is queep.
  10. Oh, what will my assessment be? I'm a poopyhead? How do you know so much about Easy Bake ovens, anyway? I played with walkie talkies and toy guns when I was a kid. ok, ok, I'm done
  11. My daddy can kick your daddy's butt! Go back to bed, young man before your parents get angry you were on the internet past bedtime. Sorry everyone, couldn't resist.
  12. They haven't deleted Slick's account yet? Surprising. My guess is the CGOC and (now JCGOC) have issued orders to their pledges (aka Slick) which require them to go on BODN and troll. Just sayin' High schooler........if that. edit: grammer
  13. Love the pic you chose. Well done. Yep, everyone's right. The AF will teach you what you need to know. I will say, however, that basic abilities go a long way. I flew the mighty tweet (it had very old school instruments)....and I learned a lot. The C-17 is glass (as most airframes are nowadays) but I feel comfortable flying old school, too (it does have standby steam gauges). I've noticed over the years the T-6 types rely on the automation/glass and don't understand the steam. IMHO, if you're trying to be a good instrument pilot (good on you), I'd go fly some approaches in a 1
  14. I thought one of the main reasons for the "new" SOS was to eliminate the need to do SOS online and then go do it again (also to get rid of ASBC). Additionally, I thought they were going to pretty much send everyone. Sounds like it is more of the same just a longer SOS. Nice....
  15. OK. Quick lesson and this is over because no one wants to see this crap on this board. -SOS is not some elite program you attended, get over it -It is not that difficult to get "selected" to go there -Just about everyone on BODN (except SNAPS obviously) has been there and done that -If you want to be a great leader that you seem to want to portray, you should find a way to motivate people that don't have SOS in their future to make it. A real leader will find a way to inspire someone to achieve things. Real leaders don't sit and judge people, especially against one's self -- certa
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