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  1. Huggy, Dotman is. I elected to pursue other interests. Send me a PM. Cheers, Smokey
  2. More information from my last as we are about ready to start 13-XX classes. It was stated that the PPL exception will actually begin for any classes that START after 1 Oct. Again, this is all coming AFPC and 12th FTW folks (now that 19AF is gone). Anyway, that's the latest as of today...... I'm not in the policy making department on such issues so don't shoot the messenger. Yeah, you'll walk into the flight line a little less prepared for the typical experience but will probably catch on fine I'm sure. An IFS grad will now how to handle stand-up and EP's, GTIMS, familiarity with th
  3. I only have background information on what is going on and can't really speak to what CNATRA's final decision will be. They'll have to do something other than what they were doing but to what degree/level they will go is unknown to me. Smokey
  4. The PPL or higher exception came back into the lime light about 6 months ago. The AF is having budget issues just like the rest of us. All the numbers have been crunched and a final decision has been made as of this morning. Despite the fact PPL's and higher have washed out of IFS, the numbers are pretty low. The exception for those with a PPL or higher will be reinstated for FY13 from what I was told this morning. That wil be about a 10-12% reduction in IFS students for the FY based on stats we keep. In one way, the IFS guys/gals will have a leg up on their classmates that didn't attend
  5. Sorry, been at Sturgis. Anyway, exceptions to IFS went away except for a few distinct instances which I won't go into. In any event, the AF values the training received at IFS to such a degree that all exceptions for private licenses was rescinded about 3 years ago. I doubt it will change. Smokey
  6. The long post above was spot on! For those beginning the process, read and heed! For the IFS naysayers, want to tell me why CNATRA was here for the last two days....... Guess why the Navy's "screening" program has been canx? It doesn't screen or train anyone to the standards of the next level. Whatever those might be in the Navy. Navy basically has had to sh*t a lot of money to keep the existing program (FBO's) running from other funds until a replacement is in place. Came about recently, so the current system will be probably operational through FY 2013, then, guess what, a real
  7. And another recent 1st FTS policy regarding the FAA physical/student certificate, you must have it before you fly. In the past, we would fly you because we could and find a break to get the student to the AME prior to solo. That is now no longer allowed. A student about half way through training and doing fine went to get the student certificate/medical and the Doc found an issue that required a waiver....that doesn't happen over night. Student removed from training. You won't be allowed to fly without a valid FAA medical cert. Period. Pass the word and do yourself a favor. Come
  8. And the AF wants it that way. Limited resources be they IPs, planes or dollars. Just need a "couple" of more rides? How does that go on down range when the stuff gets more complicated....always need just a couple of more rides. What we do at IFS is really not that complicated. Given much experience in the UPT environment, if they can't get it here.....it will continue to be a problem at the next level, and the next, etc. That's the purpose. Identify those without the potential to succeed at the next level. Training resources are not unlimited. Personally, I believe I could get a
  9. Congrats!! Well done. Now, one of the many comments I get from UPT students on base visits is how well they were prepared for the task at hand after having been through IFS. Do you agree? Yes, much more complexity in aircraft, systems, academics, etc.....but they felt they understood how to adapt and learn in the UPT environment and without IFS felt it would have been an even a bigger bitch to tame. In my day, we showed up day one on the flight line feeling exactly how you did the day you hit the flight room at IFS.......imagine that. Any comments on the attrition in your class
  10. An all call on the glasses question posted not too long ago. From an FAA standpoint, we have always been legal to fly you in the eyes of the FAA if no restriction was placed on the medical despite any contrary statement in your AF medical. As with all things, there is a reason for the change in 1st FTS policy on the matter and kind of goes inline with one of the posts I made. Long story short, a student pilot had issues with landings. He was one who did not need glasses in the eyes of the FAA but did in the eyes of the AF. After washing out, he was reinstated because of that fact
  11. You'll have to be a bit more specific, while still being general, about the waiver in question. In other words, what does it pertain to? I can do some investigative work for you, but without some more information, I don't know where to begin. Smokey The quick and dirty..... BFR expired is no problem. With a PPL, you can still log both PIC and DUAL received for your FAA logbook. As for solo issue, we cover all those bases as well for your issue. We have a LOA with the Denver FSDO for these situations. A special endorsement will be attached to your training jacket, not
  12. Matmacwc, Actually, there are many studies that have been done. You can google for them. They show time and time again that the Air Force see's undesirable attrition at UPT at a cost per flight hour that makes IFS a bargain. They saw it again during the period between the T-3 and the beginning of the current IFS. Certainly, attrition still occurs in UPT even with IFS. It is, however, much lower. At IFS, we have no target attrition level. The goal is to screen those without the potential to succeed at the next level. That attrition comes from flying issues, failure to adapt (
  13. Your questions go into two areas here. As far as IFS is concerned, you'll need whatever the FAA physical/student certificate lists as restrictions such as corrective lenses. If there is no such statement, I can't say you should wear your glasses. You'll also get a medical screening and a quasi AF1042 from the on site IDMT. Now we come down to the real issue. The FAA vision check is a joke relative to an AF physical to qualify for UPT. If the AF physical identified something vision wise that was still within regs but needed lenses, I'd recommend going that route and wear them. M
  14. Think you had one tip in a following post in addition to your own suggestion..."over and over and over again." One of the things you'll take from IFS is some insight into what you need to do for you to learn efficiently and meet the requirements being placed on you. Writing it out. 3 x 5 flash cards. Over and over repitition. A combination of the options. Gotta figure out what works for you. In addition, while the material is not really that much volume, it is for many in relation to the limited timeline to internalize the information. You'll need to prioritize the information
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