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  1. Bonus proration question. I took the 3 year/25k AGR bonus in 2015. At the time my orders ended in Jan 2018, 4 months shy of 3 years. In 2017 my orders were extended 2 more years to 2020. My last payment was prorated to Jan 18, even though I served the 3 year commitment. Currently have a myPers “incident report” in per my local finance to get the full payment and I’m sure they’ll get on a one sentence reply any month now. Anyone else delt with something like this?
  2. Larry Sellers

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Yep, and let's not forget overspeeding the flaps solo. I can understand the buffoonery as everyone has made a stupid mistake or two in the jet, however if a FAIP or other new guy did the same it was treated quite differently. Unfortunately for FAIPs, commanders have ultimate control and discretion over the assignment process and can use whatever metric/opinion to rack and stack. The bad ones tend to reward the wrong things and take care of dudes who align well with their own values while others who don't sometimes get the shaft, regardless of job performance.
  3. Larry Sellers

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Or they recoup the separation pay from your VA disability. While it seems like a good deal they're gonna get it back one way or another.
  4. Larry Sellers

    Pilot Life

    Who's first?
  5. I called finance before I left and they assured me I would continue to get my BAH while TDY - didn't want to drop the coin on the furnished apartment otherwise.
  6. I'm currently at PIT with the wife and two dogs and we are off base in a furnished apartment. The catch is I don't think we will be reembursed more than $39 a day so we're eating the cost a little (still get BAH) but we weren't going to put the dogs in a kennel for 4 months and we sold the house at the previous base so that was really our only option.
  7. Larry Sellers

    Randolph AFB info

    Did a search on this but didn't find anything recent. Headed to PIT in a few months (TDY enroute), bringing the wife and dogs. Looking for a furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with no lease close to base that allows dogs. Found a couple of options but they are pretty pricey ($2200/month) with $500-650 non refundable pet deposits. Wondering if anyone's been through there recently and has any recommendations? thanks!
  8. Got to work today and had the Form 63 ADSC to sign in my in-container. Called the SSgt and referenced the reg - I'm being told that I will incur the 36 months because I'm 'retraining to a different airframe'. Not sure how to push back on this one since the reg contradicts itself in the same note.
  9. My RIP states 36 month ADSC for training and this would extend beyond the original 10 year ADSC - we're talking months, not years, but as we all saw during the last VSP something like this could make a big difference. Sounds like Tank had the standard 36 month ADSC on his RIP but it wasn't added past 2012 - I'm gonna call them back and reference the reg to see if they'll delete the 36 months from my rip. Not hopeful since they couldn't even point me in the right direction for the reg.
  10. I actually want the PCS vs. staying at my current base so don't really want to press to test on that one. Just don't want to sign something taking me past my 10 year ADSC (thinking ahead on AFRC/Palace Chase) if I don't have to. Not sure I have enough ammo with the "note 1" of the reg since you could interpret that either way.
  11. Thanks! Still confused though, the reg seems contradictory. First it says: "All pilots, navigators, and air battle managers who began aviation service after 30 September 1997 will not incur any additional Advanced Flying Training (AFT)/Instructor Qualification ADSCs which extend beyond 10 years of continuous or cumulative rated service." Then it goes on to say: "Rated officers who retrain into another rated career field (e.g., air battle manager who retrains as a navigator or pilot), crossflow to a different weapons system (basic qualification) or aircraft airframe will incur the full ADSC for that training even if that ADSC extends beyond the officer’s 10th year of rated service." Is a white jet considered a "crossflow to a different weapons system (basic qualification) or aircraft airframe "?
  12. Question for you guys on this- Just recieved a RIP for T-38 PIT, with the standard 36 month ADSC. This will take me past my 10 year commitment. I am a previous T-37 and T-6 IP but have never been qualified in the -38. What reg do I reference to find out if the additional ADSC is legit? I asked my MPF and they didn't know but said "they would get back to me".
  13. Larry Sellers


    Obviously there are a lot of (more) disgruntled rated dudes after the VSP debacle who are still meeting the RIF. Hypothetically speaking, if you were given the option of a "do not retain" on your RRF would you do it? Thoughts on chances of being RIF'd after VSP denial? Potential repercussions of a "do not retain" if retained?