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  1. VN 15-12 Active Duty T-38s: T-38A T-6 FAIP T-1s: C-17X2 C-130J EC-130H E-8 KC-135 MC-130J KC-10
  2. Last time you can update your hours is right around the last week of December/ First week of January. Not sure on the exact date but unless you plan on flying up till the deadline I'd get as many hours as you can ahead of time as opposed to waiting until the last minute. You can update your hours after the regular board meets but whether your new PCSM score will count towards ENJJPT I'm not sure of. I updated my hours but again, I don't know if they took my new score or the one I submitted for the regular board.
  3. Lucky for you, you won't be going to IFS since you have a license (and other ratings obviously)... so that will shorten your timeline at least a little! On a side note, recruiters don't know everything... evident by the fact that he or she didn't tell you that you would not be attending IFS were you selected for UPT
  4. Keep in mind it's not all engineers who have a slimmer chance of getting slots.... just computer and electrical engineering, so the engineers at your school may have been other types. Uber lame though, those are some good stats.
  5. I heard it meets today. Not sure when results will be released though.
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