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  1. It'd be as a student. Thanks for the info guys. It sounds like it's better just to go alone. Our thoughts were have the GF go with me and get a furnished place, then put all of our stuff in a rental and pocket the BAH. My orders list being there for 3.5 months due to the holidays.
  2. Heading to Sheppard in a few months for IFF; what's the policy on living off-base? I currently live off-base now with the GF and we were planning on her heading up there and getting rid of the apartment. I've heard mixed things about this being possible. Anyone know what the deal is?
  3. Joshrk22

    Logging flight hours

    Did you guys log anything from the sims while in UPT (UTDs, IFTs, OFTs)? I haven't gotten into the FARs lately, so I'm not sure if it's worth it.
  4. I ended up calling the ops desk earlier today and they sent me back to recruiting. I left a message with recruiting and I'm still waiting to hear back.
  5. Just spoke with a recruiter to get some info on the next board. I asked if they allow visitors and she told me "no". I'm reading on here that they don't mind, so does anyone know for sure or can put me in contact with someone from the unit?
  6. Joshrk22

    Speaking a foreign language

    When I was looking at studying the Arabic language, I also checked out some schools to study abroad at. Granted some countries are hell holes, but yes there are quite a few that are amazing places. I was actually looking at Jordan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. I'm not going to be going AD AF so I don't know how much use the Guard/Reserves will get out of my language skills. I'm going to hopefully be working for a computer company (compsci major) so I'm not sure if the Arabic language would help much. Does anyone know if different government agencies want their computer guys to have a foreign language? Do you feel that 2-3 years of college instruction in a tough language will teach you a lot? I took Spanish for 3-4 years and I'm still not close to fluent.
  7. Joshrk22

    Speaking a foreign language

    Thanks for the reply Kikuchiyo! Guess I'll just focus on Engineering and getting the best grades possible now and hopefully pick up a foreign language later on down the road.
  8. Joshrk22

    Speaking a foreign language

    Thanks man. I was just thinking that Arabic is a very tough language and am I really gonna' be very fluent after 2-3 years. I figured I'd take a Psych class so I can get a fair share of attractive women in one of my classes.. Plus it's a guaranteed A and I don't have to get up as early..
  9. Joshrk22

    Speaking a foreign language

    *THREAD REVIVAL* Do Guard units like to see a pilot candidate that can speak a foreign language? Does it help with selection on a board? The reason I ask is because I've decided to start taking Arabic to make myself look more profitable to the Guard and businesses in the civilian world. The thing is, I'm majoring in Computer Science, so I don't want to to dick myself over and get a bad GPA when I could've taken Women Studies and had an easy A. Also, I'm gonna' be working about 20+ hours a week and I'm sitting at 17 credits with this Arabic class. Basically, would it beneficial to just stick it out and learn the language? We're talking about Guard/Reserves, not AD.
  10. Joshrk22

    TBAS Information

    What about flight sims? And when you say controls inverted do you mean push stick down, scope/cursor goes up, and vice-versa?
  11. Joshrk22

    TBAS Information

    I've read the plethora of information on this board about the TBAS but I have not come across this yet. I am entering my sophomore year, and I'm wondering if this is too early to take the TBAS. I'm doing the Guard/Reserve route and want to get a jump on this as early as possible. I've started calling units and most of them have told me to take the TBAS to get my PCSM and then we'll talk. I took the AFOQT already and scored a 99 on the pilot portion. I don't want to get screwed over if they phase out the TBAS in the next few years and lose my PCSM just like the guys that took the BAT did. I feel if I get it done now it's something I won't have to worry about. Some units will accept packages if you have 90 credit hours and I should hit that mid way through junior year I think.
  12. Joshrk22

    Viewing Big 10 football in the south

    How about the best team in the Big 10 and NCAA overall.. 11 National Titles 42 Conference Titles 3 Heisman Winners Most Wins & Highest Winning Percentage Most undefeated seasons in D1 football Not too mention the many attendance records.. Not to brag or anything.. The University of Michigan ladies and gentlemen
  13. Joshrk22

    Sticks Vs. Bodybuilders

    So while I was reading about the FACT a couple days ago I came across this workout that this fighter pilot came up with that he uses to stay in shape. It was a pretty intense workout to say the least. So I began to wonder, when it comes to fighters or dealing with high g-forces period, who seems to do the best? The guys with pure muscle or your skinny sticks that can run for miles? Seems that the guys with more muscle would do a lot better because they have the muscle to force blood back into the brain. Lookin' at some old WWII pics, I noticed that most of the best sticks were shorter, built guys. Maybe it has something to do with that there is less distance that blood has to travel so they are less likely to GLOC.
  14. Joshrk22

    Gun Talk

    Awesome! I'll see if I can make it up to a gun show sometime in the coming months. I was looking at Taurus models also, and they looked like nice guns but were a little expensive. Like I said, I'm just looking to punch holes in paper right now, so it's probably best to stick with the 9mm for now. Thanks
  15. Joshrk22

    Gun Talk

    Less than 350-400; yah, I know it's gonna' be tough to find a decent one for that, but I was going to use some of my graduation money on it. Maybe I should just hold off until I can afford something nicer. It's kind of like buying a headset. You want something that is going to last for you for a very long time. It'd just be nice to pull out a pistol every once in awhile instead of shooting the 'ole shotguns every time.