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    VA Loans

    I read the posts on here all the time but rarely have anything to contribute. I can't login from work, which is when I do most of my surfing. I'm not Amy. I'm sure if anybody cares, they can do an IP check. Just wanted to add to the thread. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. BigLoc

    VA Loans

    At the recommendation of this thread, my wife and I chose to use Amy Paterson of NBOKC for our VA loan. She got us a great rate (3.75%) and even went above and beyond after our deal hit a snag just prior to closing. My realtor was not excited about the prospect of working with a non-local lender, but Amy proved to be a first-rate professional. We never had to wait very long to get an answer from her and she also made sure I was included when she needed to notify my realtor. This was my 3rd purchase and it was by far the smoothest I've experienced. I will definitely seek them out for any financing/refinancing needs in the future. I don't post much here, but since this thread led me to use them, I wanted to make sure that I passed along more good press about them to anyone that is looking to buy.