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    The Navy test for depth perception is the same one the AF uses.
  2. guim

    New USAF Uniforms?

    Looks like Marine dress blues, except the enlisted ones. Just has the silver outline instead of red.
  3. Individuals eliminated from a flying training course--to include the USAF Enhanced Flight Screening Program (EFSP), the Pilot Indoctrination Program (PIP), Flight Instruction Program (FIP) and Introductory Flying Training (IFT)--conducted by or for the Armed Forces of the United States, are ineligible to apply with the following provisions: l. Those eliminated for military deficiency or self-initiated elimination (SIE) reasons before, during or after actual course completion, orwho decline UFT attendance, are ineligible for further flying training. 2. Individuals eliminated for reasons other than those mentioned above, unless specifically recommended for further pilot or navigator training by the eliminating (or approving) authority, are ineligible to apply AFI36-2205 29 OCTOBER 2004
  4. guim

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    Just look to see which circle looks darker. Then focus on that and it should pop up. Works for me
  5. I am currently attending grad school while I wait to go back to UPT. I did some searching but could not find much. At what rank does a Guard guy need a Masters degree? I heard it is not needed to get Major like AD, but I was trying to figure out if there was a rank that the Guard typically wants one.
  6. Has anyone had to do a High/low contrast test for their PRK waiver? I had a waiver through the Navy, but the Air Force wants this test for the AF waiver. I called MCAS Miramar and they dont know what this test is. Has anyone been through this process in southern CA? I am fighting a clock to get back to UPT to avoid going through t-6's again.
  7. guim

    Vance AFB information

    There is a new apt complex that opened a few months ago. Its pretty nice. I lived in Indian Oaks. Place is cheap and they keep up the place
  8. guim

    Another Cheating Probe

    Academics are not 30%. They are 10%. I dont know why they didnt have a brief with the actual grading system. I only know cause I was a Marine who had to get in the weeds on the AF and Navy system to figure out the differences.
  9. guim

    Career Starter Loans?

    Marine federal has one at 1%. The bank kind of sucks though, so you have to weigh the ease of USAA vs getting 1%
  10. guim

    Col John Boyd

    Marines base alot of our tactics on Boyd. Alot of his work translated into the ground fight.
  11. I used to be pretty active in this forum when I was interviewing with the guard/af reserve. I got sick of sitting around so I joined the Marines. I was voluntold to go to Primary at Vance, so I was trying to see if anyone was looking for a roommate. I was looking to get a place with a extra room that we can use for studying. If your interested hit me up at guim13@aol.com. Good luck to the rest of you guys who have not been picked up yet. Navy down here is fighting to keep their slots and we dont have any slots for fy2011, so flight school the hard way is out for at least a year.