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?s on ADD/ADHD - Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (Ritalin)


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6 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

Any of our flight docs care to provide an update of where the process stands today 2022? 

14 year old son diagnosed age 8 with mild ADD, no hyperactivity, just focus.  Prescribed 10MG Adderall XR. No side effects, has been straight A's, 4.24 GPA, all Honors/AP classes, National Honor society etc ever since.  

He wants to got to college then UPT (god help me), so trying to get a better understanding of what the current regs require for time off meds, waiver requirement and such.






I'm not a flight doc, but I haven't seen one post on here for a long time so you may not get any other responses.  Here's the info you're looking for (From the waiver guide dated 16 Feb 22.  Waiver for IFC I is possible.  Must demonstrate stability after being off meds for one year prior to FC I exam.



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I got a waiver for history of ADD meds after a psych eval by an AD doc, after having not taken meds for about 8 years. It was then subsequently taken away when I re-did my medical a few years later for reasons I still don't understand (and probably never will).

Having gone through this process twice, my advice is make sure you have everything laid out, do NOT under any circumstances have him register with his schools' disability office and get extra accommodations on tests/exams. He needs to stop taking the Adderall as soon as humanly possible, otherwise DODMERB will flag him for long-term use and immediately DQ him and he'll never even make it to his FC1.

On a personal note, if hes constantly using electronics like gaming and social media I would drastically reduce the amount he uses them, it stirs the pot for ADHD and gets the neurons firing too much. Have him go cold turkey for a week and you'll see the difference. If thats his dream he needs to be ready to make some sacrifices!

Hope this helps!

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