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Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP - The Bonus)


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On 9/11/2017 at 8:38 PM, TnkrToad said:

I don't think it's public. All the data, down to each airframe, is posted on AFPC Secure, though. Go to AFPC Secure, then select RAW. In RAW, select Static Demographics. From the list of all the docs, you'll find one that says FY17 ACP Take Rates (or something like that--I'm not using a CAC-enabled computer right now). They break the data down in about 69 different ways--to include numbers of eligibles and takers (both short and long) for each individual MDS. 

That was an interesting read. 

The take rates are abysmal. Especially for the folks eligible for a second bonus. AF is not going to shore up their pilot numbers with that idea unless they start offering A LOT more money. 


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1 hour ago, BashiChuni said:

only thing thatll save the AF is a bear economy for a few years...which historically will happen within the next 5-10 years

Even if there is an economic downturn, airline hiring will likely continue at a fairly brisk pace just to cover retirements.  Pilot retention will be a challenge for the foreseeable future.

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Senate passed the house version with amendments. I didn't see any amendment striking the House's 50k bonus, so hopefully that made it though. Hopefully a full text of what the Senate passed with amendments will be published soon.

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So a conference committee will be formed to resolve differences between the house and senate bills. Then voted by both senate and house before the POTUS signs....I don't know how everyone else feels but, I don't think it will get bumped up this year. Maybe next year after they see their "talks about changes" aren't having an effect on the retention numbers...

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Just checked the ACP take rates, and thought I'd note a couple things:

The overall take rate for initial bonus eligibles is still pretty abysmal--barely over 40%. The initial take rates for 11Fs & 11Rs are especially poor--both less than 40%.

A glimmer of hope is that take rates for 11Ss & 11Hs are high (both over 55%). Their take rates have historically always been high, though, so this is hardly cause for celebration.

If one factors in the old guy (NC & CE) bonus takers, though, things change a bit.

More 11Fs have taken the old guy bonus than have initial eligibles; even though the 11F community is undermanned, at least its old farts are willing to hang around. This provides at least some hope that the 11F community might eventually get healthy.

The 11H & 11S communities likewise had healthy old guy bonus take rates. Even though (last I checked) they're chronically undermanned, they will have substantially more stability than they would have otherwise without the old guy bonus.

The 11R & 11M communities are screwed. Not only do they have low initial eligible take rates, but their old guy bonus take rates are abysmal, too. If neither the mid-career guys nor the grey beard O-5 types want to stay in, then all that'll be left in the squadrons will be high career-potential CCs & DOs leading a bunch of O-1s to O-3s who're merely biding their time until they reach the ends of their respective SUPT commitments and can get out. Not a recipe for success, in the near or long term. It'll be especially interesting when AMC starts picking its O-6s and above, not based on quality, but rather on simply who is left and can fog a mirror.

Based on the stats, I presume the same is or will be true in the 11R community--leadership selection by virtue of one's mirror-fogging ability--but as an 11M, I'll just stay in my lane and hope for the best for the C2ISR types.


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Check your LESs Reservists. The 12-22 yr demographic is having issues. I’m still on the old flight pay for Oct, and FM is telling us “it must be a table problem from DFAS, we’ll create a ticket and have them fix it”. Glad it’s actually working for the AD guys though. At least a few get what’s owed on time. Better than none!

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