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How much Queep and Extra BS do pilots of the military branches do now in 2023? + other general questions about Officer life



Ain't no significant wars going on since the Afghanistan pull out, so I suspect that flying hours after UPT are down across the board. I was wondering for the current and former pilots of the AF, Marines, Navy, Army, etc. how:
1. How many flight hours you do on average now? Is it getting better?
2. How much queep/ extra job responsibilities do y'all get?
2a. What's the best staff/ non-flying responsibility is the best other than snack bar supplier?
3. Who has is it better in your opinion? AFR, ANG, or AD (and why is it not AD?)?
4. What do you pilots dislike about the branch bureaucracy that could you could do better without?

Just general questions about day to day officer duties/ lifestyle. I've read plenty of posts and articles about the abhorrent staff duties piled on pilots so I just want to condense them here.

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