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Applying Reserves/NG Out of State?

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I'd like to hear people's experiences with applying to units out of driving distance of their current home. There's a few places I would relocate to if I got selected, but I wouldn't move there on a whim if it weren't for the opportunity to be a pilot. Does that raise red flags at the prospective unit, or is this common for selected applicants?

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It's ancient history now, but in the mid-80s I did Reserve time at Charleston AFB while living in Florida.   

The 433d Airlift Wing used to send a C-141 (I told you it was a long time ago) rotator to MacDill, Homestead then to NAS Jax to pick folks up on Friday afternoons for UTAs, then returned them on Sunday afternoon.  In the 18 months I did that, there was never a problem getting to or back from drills.

Not sure when that program ended, but as long as you are there when needed, I don't see a problem especially these days!

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