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Lighten Up Francis!


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I got the lovely joy of a go-around at Tarin Kot one bright evening in AFG.  Turns out that firing range off the departure end was no joke.  Got to watch multiple items riciochet flying off the (whatever the i'msureitwasn'taBMP) target on either side of us...and 2 items THROUGH our aircraft.  Yeah...they never talk about what happens AFTER all that led lands on target.  Big sky theory...  MX wasn't happy about it...but we brought all 8 of those tails home with combat patches and hail damage waivers.  Thank you Mr Lockheed for the 2.5 safety factor.
Writeup: Missed approach followed by 'merica penetrating our aircraft.  NSTR
fun fact: This happened 2 days after my profile picture was taken.

50 Cal ricochets for literally nothing. And it’s still got a butt ton of velocity in it at the ranges we usually shot it in range setups.

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