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multiple questions about sep pay/bonus/retirement


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Good day all,

Hope the experts on here can chime in.  AFI 36-2501 has me all spun around. I know its a long post, but thanks in advance for those that take the time to read!  

My updated info:

1)     ADSC 1: 30 Apr 2023 (Bonus)

2)     ADSC 2: 31 Jul 2022 (PCS)

3)     TAFMS: May 2000 (21+ years)

I meet my 2nd look for O-5 in March 2022 (LAF-A).  Following standard timeline, I should expect the results roughly 1 Jul 2022.  Im looking at multiple options and cant get any answers from MPF, and trying to decide if I should write a letter to the board to not consider.  If for some miracle I was promoted, I wouldn’t pin on til after im on terminal or already retired.  I am also looking into applying for a best interest of the Air Force waiver for the ADSC’s to retire 1 Apr 2022, (prior to final bonus payout)



1.       Would I even be offered continuation as I am retirement eligible?  Everywhere that I read “critical skills”, seems to attach the meaning to a medical career field., and I cant find a list of “critical skills” more recent than FY11 in myPers.  Which none mentioned any 11x career fields.

2.      Is involuntary separation pay even offered, if you are retirement eligible?

3.      If the board meets and I am in fact passed over a 2nd time, would I be “involuntarily” retired with ISP?  Assuming continuation isn’t offered because im over 20 TAFMS?

7.9. Who is Eligible for Continuation. Based on the needs of the Air Force, SECAF determines eligibility criteria for continuation.

7.9.1. Generally, subject to SECAF approval, fully qualified captains and majors identified for separation because of twice failing promotion to the next higher grade are eligible, unless the officer: Can retire, or is in the retirement sanctuary, as a commissioned officer by the mandatory date of separation for the associated promotion board. EXCEPTION: Officers possessing a critical skill may be offered continuation beyond their mandatory retirement date. Individuals not selected, or those who decline the continuation offer, will revert to their previous sanctuary or retirement status.

7.11.2. Continue majors until the last day of the month in which he or she is eligible to retire as an officer (normally upon completion of 20 years of total active military service). Majors who possess critical skills may not be continued any longer than the last day of the month in which they complete 24 years of active commissioned service. EXCEPTION: Initially continue MC/DC majors for three years. Further continue MC/DC officers for 3-year periods until they are within 6 years of retirement. When MC/DC officers are within 6 years of retirement, continue them until the last day of the month in which they can retire as an officer.

7.11.3. Normally, the continuation period begins on the 1st day of the 7th month from the approval of the board results. For officers being further continued, the continuation period begins on the first day following the completion of their initial continuation period. For officers who are in the retirement sanctuary or retirement eligible, the continuation period normally begins on the first day following the 20-year DOS.

7.11.4. Twice-deferred officers who are offered selective continuation to normal (20 year) retirement and turn it down are not authorized to receive involuntary separation pay.

7.15. Continuation to Retirement Eligibility. For retirement purposes, continuation is to 20 years TAFMS

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