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Has anyone read the updated 48-123. I am a RPA pilot select, according the AFI I am only required a IFCIII and MFS (phycological). All IFCIII items can be processed as all FOMC and BOMC locations. I have completed all IFCIII requirements and they are packaging my stuff to send to Wright Patt for a 2808 to get signed.


Wright Patts response is that the Regulation is wrong and RPA pilots need an IFCII and that everything will need to be done at location Wright-Patt.


DAFMAN date 8 December 2020, so anyones educated thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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When I did my FC1, there was a Major there transitioning from C130 WSO to RPA pilot, and he was doing a IFCII if I recall. So, not a direct answer to your question, but situational evidence. 

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