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Long shot - MAC C-5A Crew, Egypt, 21 Sept 1977

Steve Davies

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This is a really long shot, and I apologise for the cryptic nature of it, but...

Does anyone know MAC C-5 crewmembers who flew classified missions through the 1970s? Probably part of a unit whose mission included supporting AFSC and CIA. I would imagine it was a tight-knit community, but I don't know anyone who was part of it. 

Specifically, I am looking to speak to a crew who flew into Egypt on 21 Sept 1977.


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1 hour ago, Steve Davies said:

There's one for MX folk, but to join you have to answer questions about HYD systems and tyre pressures! Couldn't find anything for aircrew, but it was a good idea. 

You could try the 3rd Military Airlift Squadron group...closed group, but maybe message the moderator. Think they used to fly SOLL II when the C-5 did it, lots of old timers there. 

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Good luck finding anybody. The AC on that flight is probably pushing 70-80+ depending on their age at the time, and isn't on social media telling stories about the Langley missions he flew. If he's even alive. MAC in the seventies was a smoking/drinking culture.

Even if you manage to locate one of them, talking to an English journalist about a code-word mission they flew is going to be tricky.

Given your accomplishments, I wouldn't count you out.

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4 hours ago, Guardian said:

Story time Hoss

I did an ETSS gig in Egypt flying F-16s for a year. It was wonderful. We were on dip passports, the only other Usaf F-16 pilot in country was my boss, who was 90 minutes away. I owned a compound with 140 local national employees. 

and 90% of the effort was running an expat bar in Cairo and scuba diving the Red Sea. 


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