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F-15 Down in North Sea - 15 Jun 20


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I'm assuming the Eagle still has the old-school ADI?  I was shocked how much better the electronic ADI is in the Viper with the CDU than the old T-38A junk we had, particularly in at lower light levels like night or in IMC when you really want the ADI.  I have no doubt that had the old ADI been replaced with the electronic version as soon as it was available, there would be multiple pilots alive today that didn't make it out of an unusual attitude and it sounds like Kage may be one more.

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Been a year since we lost Kage. I didn't chime in last June due to being directly involved in the search operations and felt it wasn't right to talk about it then. That said, it was a long day for all involved with some really terrible weather down low. My aircrew and STS PJs performed admirably and we had some great support from some UK standby support vessels from the oil industry. Unlike the AIB mentioned, American aircrews found him, not the Royal Navy (they were not even there, so not a dig on them). I am glad we were able to help give closure to his wife, family, and squadron mates.

To Kage, Nickle on the grass.




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