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BogiDope Interview Prep Package Giveaway


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Baseops community and fellow UPT hopefuls,

I was lucky enough to get selected during my first interview and never got around to using the BogiDope Interview Prep Package that I had purchased. Their App review helped me immensely during the process and I'm sure their interview prep is of the same game changing quality. That being said I leaned on this forum a lot over the past year and would like to give back to a fellow applicant. So, the rules are simple, post below that you would like to be entered to win and on Friday night the 22nd of November I'll pull a name from a hat to choose the winner. 


Here is further information on the package, https://bogidope.com/consulting-interview-prep-package/ . 


Good Luck!



Mods, if this is not in the right spot and/or not allowed let me know. 


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Not entering, but providing my two cents for those that are.
The interview prep was a game changer. And i highly recommend if you win the giveaway, that you start off with the Application Prep as well. The bogidope guys can really get to know you from the feet up because it really is tailored to your attributes and qualities.

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