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Sheppard and Guard Heavies


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19 hours ago, GoGuard said:

Question for those in the know:

Will a Guardsman that is from a heavy unit be able to go to Sheppard for UPT?

Can be done?  Slim chance?  No chance? 

Never hurts to ask. I'm fighters Guard but I wasn't allowed to go until I had a 90+ PCSM score. I retook it and they let me go. Being heavies though I could see it going both ways. 

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Had a recent UPT grad from our unit want to fly the T-38 before coming to us to fly tankers. We honestly didn't have an issue with it and knew he was doing it to keep his options open in the event he wanted to rush a fighter unit later on. NGB wouldn't allow it. He ended up #1 and DG in both his T-6 and T-1 class.

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