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Best AD, ANG and/or AFRC C-17 bases



So I've heard that the C-17 has some of the best bases in the country for AD, ANG and AFRC squadrons. Which of these bases have you heard to be fantastic to work and live at? 

I'm curious to know about life on and off the base, like what the town/city is like, what there is to do and what the schools are like. 

Just a quick reminder of current C-17 bases for AD, ANG and AFRC:


Charleston AFB, SC


Travis AFB, CA

Dover AFB, DE

JB McGuire-Six-Lakehurst, NJ

Wright Pat AFB, OH

Altus AFB, OK


ANG (Excluding any previously listed)

Jackson Intl Airport, MS

Eastern West Regional Airport,  WV

Charlotte, NC

Memphis, TN

New York Stewart Intl Airport, NY

AFRC (Excluding any previously listed)

Pittsburgh Intl Airport, PA

March ARB, CA


Thanks fellas






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