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VA disability that doesn’t affect FAA/ civilian flying


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24 minutes ago, ImNotARobot said:

Has anyone used a 3rd party to interface with the VA? I've heard a few guys using www.dav.org with some success. Seems like they are adept at combing medical records and filing the necessary paperwork. There appear to be 30+ such organizations...wanted to hear any success/horror stories. Thanks.

I used the DAV.  The guy knew exactly what forms to fill out, exactly what medical issues to cite, and I got to hear some tall tales along the way.  You could certainly do all the paperwork yourself, but I think I would have overlooked several items the DAV rep picked up during his review of my records.  I strongly recommend the DAV.

VA is using "QTC" as a 3rd party medical scheduler for VA exams.  A few times they tried to schedule me for various tests/exams that would have required a 1-2 hr drive.  Be sure to call QTC and get the visits closer, if desired.  Either that or take the day off work for your VA exam and enjoy a roadtrip.

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