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GA Aircraft Flown


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18 hours ago, Guardian said:

That sucks.

Thoughts on what a LODA is? Approval process? How long it lasts? Does everyone have to get one? That kind of stuff

The EAA article talks about it a towards the end of the article.  Previously only CFIs who used their own experimental  to instruct in (and charged for instruction) needed a LODA.  Hopefully the EAA and AOPA can get this changed the FAA is starting to act like the ATF now.

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8 hours ago, SocialD said:

People will just ignore it and this will be the most broken reg out there.  So the FAA can either lose their minds trying to chase this down, ignore it at the local FSDO level or change their course.  

TLDR warning****


Here's the thing. Just like RegAF (e.g. see aviation bonus tone deafness, AFPC lateral assignment gratuitous inflexibility), the FAA is not in the business of bartering with its subjects. It's all about control to them. Which is why they have always worked hard at running interference against any attempt at operational regulatory relief. Recreational aviation is a distraction and a nuisance to their main regulatory capture grift (airline traffic and for revenue industry writ large). Outside of the flight training market that they need to keep afloat in order to feed that delicious and cheap non-ab-initio ATP cannon fodder to the regional airlines and part 135, they'd love nothing more than to close off the NAS to non-revenue flight. We'd look like European GA in no time if they had their way.

The pivot point that jumped the shark for me was the 2015 snuffing of the primary non-commercial category, explicitly contained in the 2013 Aviation Rule committee's report submitted to congress, latter which was the framework for the part 23 re-write push. Passed by Congress and signed by POTUS 44...and summarily missing from the implementation without any public transparency on the part of the FAA was primary non-commercial.

So EAB continued to explode as a result, as it really is an outlier in terms of what can be accomplished so long as you can negotiate the gate-keeping of the 51% rule, and/or having a non-factory entity initially-assemble your toy. Oh for the grace of god go I type of thing. Digressing.

The latest one is the LAMA-lobbied MOSAIC 2023 legislation pinky promise. Already, there's visible indicators it's going to be a huge nonthingburger, just like the part 23 re-write was.

So yeah, pencil whipping and scofflawing this thing is about the only way to stay in the game in the certified side. Safety arguments are complete dishonest strawmen, when the same actions are allowed in EAB and no ill fate to the pedestrians on the ground. Catch me if you can type thing. 

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On 7/10/2021 at 10:55 AM, hindsight2020 said:

TLDR warning****



New LODA issue not with standing, I'm surprised you haven't made the jump to experimental. Is it the limited amount of 4 seaters that keeps you in the certified world?

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5 hours ago, kaputt said:

New LODA issue not with standing, I'm surprised you haven't made the jump to experimental. Is it the limited amount of 4 seaters that keeps you in the certified world?

Yup. Captive audience 100%. RV-10 prices are what we colloquially call a non-starter. The reality is that EAB is an empty-nester/childfree captured market; it is what it is. The second my mission removes the need for a backseat, I'm outta here.

This is supposed to be fun, and frankly, other than the epic ocean crossing I did earlier this year (got lucky too, I'm writing this with an airplane hard AOG 7 hours drive away; who the hell knows when I'll get it fixed/for how much because cErTiFiEd potato....), the certified rules have absolutely grinded me down after 12 years. Waiting for Godot on the regulatory relief front wasn't a particularly sound bet to rely on (part 23 re-write and hopes of primary-non-commercial vanished like a fart in the wind, in 2015).

The Piper wing spar bolt hole eddy AD was the final nail in the coffin for me. The perennial growth of yet another recurring AD on these old legacy certified cans is the bane of my existence. 

I was gonna pivot earlier last year, but then the Fed scuttled the interest rates, so every tom dick and harry came out the woodwork and can get a loan for an airplane; prices on everything shot to the moon. Until that credit lending spigot shuts off and prices return to more prevailing-wage dependent market (I'm sensitive to that inflection, as a cash buyer), I'm stuck with my current fac-built. I can't touch replacement for what I paid for it in the 2013 market. Nor would I want to if it got totaled tomorrow. Had to increase the insured hull value just to keep up with that asset inflation, which is essentially a cost increase for no added value. Never understood why people cheer for asset inflation, but never mention the underlying costs (insurance, property taxes et al). 

Just now, brabus said:

I feel like lots of people would go experimental if there were more 4 place options. Am I crazy?

Nope. I am one of them, and I've been in this overpriced hobby for a while. I was considering saddling myself with a 2-airplane affair in 2020, but Fed policy wrecked my price point. I kick myself in the nads for not having pulled the trigger in 2019 when I gave up on the *Lance pursuit (*in part recognizing a bigger certified airplane was just going to keep pissing me off on the mx/operational rules/allowances front) and started looking at -6As at that time.

In fairness, it'll come down again (been on this hobby for a decade and a half, I've seen this irrational exuberance movie before...), and when it does, I'm jumping on an RV and never looking back. If you can't beat em join 'em. Live and learn.


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A couple years ago a friend made the argument to just rent 4 place and own the fun shit you can’t rent. While it’s a kick in the junk in the immediate short term when you rent (“can’t believe I’m paying this much to fly to…”), you’re saving SO much money in the long term on not owning a certified 4 place(and you theoretically own something that’s a hell of a lot more fun to fly than a typical 4 place piston). Doesn’t work for everyone, and there are possible downsides (such as your local FBO only has shitty 172s), but it’s not a bad idea. 

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I'm always on alert and constantly thinking about options should I lose an engine in my experimental single engine. Sounds like this guy was paying attention and managed to set it down safely.

Pilot makes emergency landing on O.C. causeway

ocnj-drone-full.jpg?resize=975%2C975&ssl The plane landing was quickly captured by OCNJ Drone, which is based nearby.

A banner plane pilot brought merging into traffic to a whole new level Monday.
Landon Lucas, 18, was flying for Paramount Air Service when he started having engine trouble as he was flying near Steel Pier in Atlantic City, Ocean City spokesman Doug Bergen said.
Lucas released his banner into the ocean and was attempting to reach Ocean City Municipal Airport when he spotted a gap in traffic in the westbound lanes of the Route 52 Causeway between Ocean City and Somers Point.
He successfully landed at 12:38 p.m., with no damage to the plane and no injury to himself or any motorist.
Investigators are on the scene, and crews are working to remove the wings and tow the plane away.
Both inbound lanes to Ocean City are open, and a single lane of outbound traffic is now open while the investigation continues.

  • causeway-plane-4.jpg?resize=975%2C731&ss



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On 7/11/2021 at 8:32 PM, brabus said:

I feel like lots of people would go experimental if there were more 4 place options. Am I crazy?

IAR-823… 4 people when you want a minivan, 2 people when you want to go upside down.

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  • 7 months later...

Am I taking crazy pills thinking there was a dedicated GA flying thread? I swear there was one and it appears to be gone (or I’m wrong and it never existed). 

Either way, 1) it needs to exist, 2) Can anyone who flies GA in the Florida panhandle shoot me a PM. Trying to help out a buddy in Niceville with some airplane ownership stuff, but need some up-to-date local knowledge if you’re willing to share. 

Obligatory picture…


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On 3/19/2022 at 12:26 PM, brabus said:

Thanks Huggy. I searched every variation I could think of and couldn’t find it…fail on my part. Mods - feel free to delete this one.

Admin Note:  Sorry brabus, there's no way in hell I am going to delete a post with this picture in it! 


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