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Hey you guys! This is an odd situation. I am posting on behalf of my fiancé, whom has no idea I am posting and would be incredibly embarrassed if he knew I was lol. I am trying to find out how to encourage him and know what steps we should take next. (Also, don't give me crap for being on the forum, because I too am trying to go to the AF as a physician and am not here just as a lurking fiancé lol) 

My fiancé got a Pilot Slot with his OTS class beginning in June. A month or so ago, we were at the gym and he gave me this look that I knew meant "Oh crap, I screwed up". That night, right above his testicle, more in the fatty pubic region, he had some pain and swelling. We iced it and I had him take some inflammatory medications and they worked (which is weird if it was a hernia). So, we went to the physician, who said he didn't feel a hernia and since it had gotten better with ice and medication, didn't believe it to be one. The swelling was not hard, did not tunnel inside. It felt like the inflammation present when you hurt your knee. 

A month has passed and he has been working himself back into the gym and jogging slowly. After he jogs or if he stands and walks around for 12 hours a day, he will be a little sore and possibly a little swollen, but is significantly better than the initial injury presented. He has been improving and is able to increase weights and activity. Since he is still sore occasionally, he was referred to a urologist. The appointment is not for about 2 weeks, so you can imagine the stress and anxiety that he is feeling knowing that this may interfere with his Pilot slot. He has no waivers at all from MEPS or the Flight Physical. 

My question to you is muscle or hernia? If it is a hernia, should he get it repaired or tough it out? Will he lose his class slot? Will he be able to reschedule the class date? If he does have surgery, can he recover in time and still go in June? Are his chances ruined? He worked so hard for this pilot slot, and he is beating himself up as you can imagine. 

I am looking for any advice or hope that I can give him to help him get through the next few weeks, and even if he has a hernia.  Anything will help me be able to help and encourage him through this time! 


Thank you! 

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I can’t speak to all of this, but I do know from personal experience that the only hernia you are allowed to continue flying with is an umbilical hernia. Any other location has to be surgically repaired according to the Medical Standards. My recovery took about 6-8 weeks before I was back to 100%. Can’t speak to the dates/class slot piece, but hope this helps in some way. I would think that if he can get the surgery done ASAP, he would be good to go for OTS in June. I can’t imagine trying to go through OTS with a hernia.

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