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MARSRADIO (ex - MARS Phone Patch Net)


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The Air Force MARS Phone Patch Net has been operational since the Vietnam War.  Hundreds of patches daily were handled through the early 80’s when bases starting closing their MARS stations.

Today the net is tasked to handle DoD patch requests in support of transports, tankers, bombers and other aircraft and ground units handling routine weather, ETA/Customs, maintenance, etc. calls as well as emergency support.  Morale calls are still happily handled.  For more information see the website below.

In the fall of 2014 the Chiefs of AF & Army MARS approved joint operations with AF and AR MARS stations participating.

Chief Air Force MARS has approved a re-designation of the legacy AFMARS Phone Patch Network (aka - PPN) to the nomenclature of “MARSRADIO”.  For operational reasons, amongst others, to offer nomenclature continuity to DoD customers / users this change has been made. Effective this time / date, PPN ceases to exist as an operational entity and is replaced as MARSRADIO.

MARSRADIO is recognized as a global service authorized by the DoD that supports HF phone patch request and equipment checks (voice and SELCAL) as a backup to other communication services. 

If there are any questions, need more information, please contact the network manager directly.

Richard Duncan, AFN6P (N6P)

Note:  Propagation has been very poor lately and calls may be missed due to that.  If unable to reach on 13.927 MHz suggest try 7.6335 MHz.  Both frequencies are monitored.


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 Back during Desert Storm, MARS radio was 24/7 entertainment. You'd have 15 guys waiting to make a phone patch to call home and there was always some doofus who would have a 20 minute conversation with his wife , not realizing everybody was listening in as well.  I used MARS all the time, even in the C-17.  My kids loved hearing from me and the guys who handle the morale calls are great!  

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Ditto...I used MARS routinely in every aircraft I flew from the 90s to the 2010s for both morale and official calls. Excellent service from a good bunch of dedicated folks. "CQ CQ!"

The Lear also could dial in 27.185 ssb...fun 10-4ing the trucker's bear calls from six states away...

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No kidding. I've had Andrews answer once in dozens of attempts to multiple Mainsail freqs. It seems as if the Command Posts for the listed freqs do not monitor them any longer.
I have this friend who sometimes does HF radio checks on CB channel 19 around 20,000' over interstate highways. The result is some of the highest quality entertainment you'll ever hear on the radio.

If you really want to talk to someone on the HFGCS, you need to use ALE. Unless your HF set doesn’t have ALE. Then you’re proper ed.
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I tried a phone patch to my then-fiancee (now wife and baby momma) coming home from my last Guam deployment.  The operator reached her, but he wouldn't say plain English "Ma'am, I'm an operator with MARS radio network"...he wanted to use his fancy CB handle.  She thought it sounded suspicious, told him he had the wrong number and hung up on him.  She didn't realize later until she compared notes with another squadron wife/GF/sig other, who had done the same thing, that it was us trying to call home to let them know we were airborne and would see them soon.  Then she was just horrified because she'd hung up on me in effect.  Good times...

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Just wanted to give a shout out to any of the MARS guys who might see this. I've used them many times over the years for both official and morale purposes and I am so grateful these guys are around.

My favorite MARS story of all was calling home from just off the west coast Italy to wish someone a happy birthday. HF propogation is an amazing thing!

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