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Good morning to all,

In late September, I went up for the Rated Supplemental Board and unfortunately, was not selected.  I found this out in late September.  The thing is, I retook my AFOQT awfully close to the Supp. Board date.  Although most might dismiss the possibility of my scores still making the board, it should be noted that my scores actually came out in 6 days, as such, that possibility should be increased to some respect.  My PCSM went from a 59 to a 76.  Here's the timeline to help with my story.


  • 16 Feb - Received RPA (PCSM was 57 when sent to board)
  • 9 Aug - TBAS retake (PCSM improves from 57-59)
  • 13 Sep - AFOQT retake
  • 19 Sep - Find out my AFOQT scores (PCSM improves to 76)
  • 29 Sep - Receives call from CC.  Not selected.

When I found out I didn't make it, a question that was really on my mind was whether or not the new PCSM got factored in.  I asked my CC and he was quite confident that my scores were in fact NOT factored in citing the fact that AFOQT scores take two weeks to come out and that close proximity (probably intersecting) with the time the board meets makes it not likely that my scores made it in.  At the same time, he does not believe that even had I notified the cadre immediately (on the 19th) that they would have made it to WINGS.  

What is WINGS...

On the 19th, I checked the PCSM site and sure enough, my PCSM was updated.  Because the PCSM site showed my scores had been updated,  I had no reason to assume that WINGS would not have updated it.  As such, I made no further effort to double check  and inquire if my scores were ready for board simply because I did not know that there was even another way (and what turned out to be the only way that mattered).  I believed I had all avenues covered.  

I personally beat myself for not having been more proactive about ensuring my records were up to date, but I feel frustrated with my cadre's handling as well.  The decision to retake my AFOQT was fraught with postponements and 1 on 1 conversations between me and the cadre, as such, one would assume my decision to go with retaking the AFOQT to be something they were aware of.  Even a few days after I took it, one of the cadre members came up to me asking how I think I did, (again re-ensuring the idea that they knew about me retaking the AFOQT.)  My question is, if they knew about it, why too did they not be more proactive in getting my scores up to WINGS, knowing that this is something that is quite personal and essential to me.  With their knowledge both within and outside ROTC, they would definitively  have much better position to see whether or not I was on track or not.  

The big questions I have for you all really is to understand how PCSM scores go into WINGS. 

  1. Does the CC fill out a Form 22 to update PCSM onto WINGS? 
    • Is that the job of the CC or the NCOs? 
  2. Can cadets check their PCSM on WINGS? 
  3. Does WINGS display the date a change was made to your PCSM scores?

I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible so that you guys can have every aspect taken into consideration.  

Other than that, that is all.  Thank you folks!



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