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I'd like a template of a lineup card for formation flying.  Something from the T-38 or T-6 is probably the best for what I need, but I'll take anything.  I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.  

It needs to be editable. 

PM me for an email address to send it.

Thank you.  

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26 minutes ago, matmacwc said:

Single engine, gear down then you stop, gear up you gotta go.  There is your TOLD.

Not in the U-2.   

A few seconds past break release, you go, unless the Cuisinart stops blending completely.  

I'm go-oriented in the T-38.  My technique for T-38 ops used to be abort if you were below bug speed.  

Then it was abort if below 100 KIAS.

Then it was abort if the burners hadn't lit

Then it was abort if the engines won't start.  Much easier decision since you're going so slow.   

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3 hours ago, DC said:

Whatever you use, make sure there are 6 to 9 references to the low level entry time on there because that never requires last-minute changes.

Definitely a consideration for civilian formation flying.

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Haha...  you guys crack me up.

A big thanks to those that generously responded.  It is a big help.  

Funny how much briefing skills can atrophy when you don't use them much for 3 years.  

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