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Deciding to retake AFOQT


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Hi folks,

I'm currently starting my final year of college also seriously considering retaking my AFOQT to try and improve my PCSM.  AS of the moment, I am planning on commissioning FY18, but that may all change.  Hear me out.  I'm not really one to be tact so I'll just say this the best that I know how.  At the moment, I have an RPA slot and as glamorous as the future of this career looks, it's not something I think I want for myself.  That whole idea of flying in a box, disconnected from everything that has defined flying  for the past century is something I am still not sure about.  

As of right now, my PCSM is at a 59.  I've taken the TBAS twice and AFOQT once.  I know that taking the AFOQT and doing better on the pilot sections can help raise the PCSM score, but I also recognize that failing any section of the test means losing everything I've worked towards these past few years and throwing away a big career I've longed for since my youth.  



if I retake the AFOQT, I can raise my PCSM and hopefully get picked up on the supplemental board for pilot.   Maybe it may happen even if I don't retake the AFOQT, but still, maybe it won't and really all I want to do is maximize the variables that I can control and one such variable is that AFOQT.  At least once I have done all I could can I have a peace of mind and say to myself that I gave it everything you know?  I recognize that getting a higher AFOQT does not necessarily secure my chances of getting a pilot slot, but it would also hurt to not take it and have this lingering thought in my head.  That "what-if" scenario, what if I had taken that AFOQT and done better?  

I've spoken to friends and my cadre about this and all are against this move simply because of what I can stand to lose, a commission in the USAF and a job for next few years.  My cadre specifically noted that as an RPA I stand a higher chance of getting upgraded to a pilot than a CSO (can anyone confirm this?) and as such, the best course of action for me is, and should be, to remain still and let it play out because you know sometimes the best course of action is do nothing.  What do you guys think?  I

If anyone has been or is in the same shoe, I'd very much like to hear your input on this.  Thank you.

  1. Should I retake it?  
  2. How much weight does the AFOQT pilot scores have on the PCSM?  
  3. If you've done better on the pilot section after your retake, how much did it affect your PCSM?
  4. Is RPA more likely to be upgraded to Pilot than CSO?

Anyways, any help really is appreciated.  Thanks guys.

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