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Blanket Age Waiver for RPAs


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I am not sure if this has been posted here before.  Searching through the forums, there have been only a few, scattered references in revived threads.  I have not seen the memo attached.


I found this memo from HQ A3 granting a blanket age waiver for RPA pilot applicants.  This particular one is for active duty but I have called around to ANG and Reserve units to see if they are following suit.  I have a memo from the NG Bureau stating that they will.  Up until recently, individual ANG units were making their own call on it.  Units that were doing well in manning and applicants told me they were not.  Others that had less personnel were following the AD policy.  But the NG Bureau memo seems to resolve that.  The Reserve is considering age waivers.


This could be an opportunity for those who thought their chances were gone.

Appendix E- Blanket RPA Age Waiver_Signed Copy.pdf

ANG URT Age Waiver.pdf

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